I love the Coyotes’ Kachina design, so I decided to make one for every NHL team

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  1. With any game system, and especially movement you need to handle failure states the best you can.

  2. That's messed up man. Someone should say something. The name of the city is the same as a really cool, strong animal.

  3. Lol. The Bills and Bisons both have a Buffalo mascot, maybe someone wanted something different I don't know.

  4. The only way to increase player counts to the thousands at the fidelity of Battlefield or Hell Let Loose is basically the Stadia model. Where all clients and servers are located in a LAN basically and clients stream the visual data to their PCs. This would make network updates near instantaneous which could dramatically increase player counts. The downside is that every client gets to deal with input lag and streaming lag which generally feels bad.

  5. Not sure if you are asking how they did this or if you are just interested in making something similar. More than likely this is done with practical effects and not CG. The rigs they have for filming practical effects commercials like this are pretty elaborate.

  6. What seems so crazy about this fiasco is how it is being handled in the media. There is virtually no mention of this by the mainstream media. Google news doesn't see anything at wapo or NYT...but yes at the Hill and Fox.

  7. Because it doesn't have a short and simple outrage headline that can be generated from it.

  8. If we trade Peterka I would be big mad

  9. What I like about Unity is C#, and what I don't like about UE is C++.

  10. Honestly, Unreal's version of C++ is more like C# than modern C++ and STD library.

  11. Considering he had below a .900 SV% last year as a backup... I don't think he is worth much, or worth the chance that he would somehow turn into a good goalie.

  12. Fleury is going to a team that is setup to make the playoffs.

  13. If Campbell gets 6 idk what to say anymore, I have little faith left in GMs but that would do it.

  14. The Sabres might throw it at him just because we have like 35 million in cap space. It would really depend on the term.

  15. Tuch probably hit that speed when he was racing to the open net to send Eichel home.

  16. I would throw them Mitts and Johnson for him, or one of our firsts

  17. I love how Sabres fans think we can give up struggling players and/or college players at risk of hitting free agency to get young top 6 30 goal scorers.

  18. Assuming this is the US. You don't need to pull permits for most home renovations where you are just replacing visual items. Permits are needed for things like redoing electrical, adding built in lights, additions, sometimes bathroom plumbing changes, or converting something to a livable space.

  19. We need RHD. Not sure getting him helps us all that much.

  20. You could check out Ruggable. They sell rugs that are machine washable that basically velcro to a rug pad below it. They sell a thicker foam rug pad that would dampen a lot of sound. Plus you get the bonus of being able to throw it in the wash for your dust might allergy.

  21. Well depends on what you want to achieve and learn.

  22. Still is disgusting. It's basically the lefts version of Fox News.

  23. A pyramid scheme collapsing? This is shocking!

  24. Have you tried a high fiber diet? Most of the brands have a prescription high fiber version of their food. Cleared my dog right up.

  25. I think you need to learn about inheritance first if casting doesn't make sense.

  26. I was actually looking at building something similar this summer. What did you use for the top?

  27. I honestly have no clue how the Avalanche didn't score in the 3rd at all.

  28. I don't understand why anybody would hire this guy

  29. Python is used a lot in tools that make games though!

  30. This is one of the most lopsided games I have seen, and I'm a Sabres fan.

  31. The Lightning playing like shit so they go after the goalie, bold move I guess lol

  32. Avs are absolutely flying right now

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