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  1. It's bot's as no-one in the VR, vtuber and Vocaloid space knows who this is.

  2. How are you and VRC going to verify that the user is under 13?

  3. Do what i did. After pay day come in and drop off all property in a bag along with a resignation letter. If they call tell them you found a better job.

  4. This will happen on some system if windows is up to date because of the EAC update.

  5. The problem is it also cuts out data that is more compelling to the overall total trend. The entirety of June for example had very similar steam usage rates as they do at this current exact moment, making the change since the update very much not unusual to the normal fluctuations of the games on and off cycle. It feels almost as if you purposefully stopped it there in order to make this look like a more strong loss to the over grand scheme of things than it truly is.

  6. I agree VRC lost almost the same amount of users in December as they do now. I think people need to wait before saying anything as its been only a one and a half weeks.

  7. RE7 has an achievement for beating it in 4 hours. I did it in 3.

  8. When i went to high school lot's of the kids wore woman's jeans because that was the style for some reason. I never noticed until later when my sister told me.

  9. Or you could hold the gun up to a lamp and shoot.

  10. The problem is console and peripheral sales aren't where the money is. It's actually in the games them self's so selling more games of good quality on different platforms is a better move.

  11. It's to remove mods and sell some of them back in VRC Plus. It's simple if you think about it. Like why pay for avatar slots when you can just use a mod.

  12. Should be mentioned that unlike Ricochet, EAC loads and unloads the kernel driver during start stop.

  13. This is the worst advice ever. Most people are not going to answer. And when someone does they are going to tell you no because people are stressed and want to relax in there home.

  14. I really enjoyed the Euro Truck Sim video too. First time in forever xD

  15. Euro truck was fun outside of the peanut gallery.

  16. And in a week most will be back to VRC just like every time there is a problem.

  17. It will blow over just like the IK update, ranks and VRC plus. All made users mad but they came back because VRC is where the content is.

  18. This update should not prevent use of FBT.

  19. Sadly he cant stop because YouTube. If he takes a break there content suffers even more and is not good.

  20. Game looks empty to me and the visuals look about as good as the last saints row.

  21. Changing names is nothing new and is just a few ways to game the system like how videos will get new thumbnails.

  22. I agree. It feels like they had a good idea but it was excited poorly. Like i am fine with clip shows but come on this was the best highlights they could find for over 10 years? And these are the best guests they could get?

  23. Thankyou Epic for preventing many from getting this game early and seeing how meh it is.

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