1. Jokic. Because even when Jokic faces the trio of AD/Bron/Kyrie his reaction would just be ooOooOoo

  2. Lol, yeah, just like you have explained, you aren't paying attention to anything at all. Good luck.

  3. Those are just the facts, the man doesn’t declare himself a savior. Many Christians do not make that declaration. You’re paying attention to the wrong narratives. Good luck

  4. You aren't paying attention to anything at all. You do realize there is a world outside your home, right? People can see things that happen in the world? You are using the internet, so you know it exists. It's really bizarre that you have this strong need to just flat-out lie. It's weird.

  5. Provide something to substantiate your claims. Otherwise you’re just wasting time and propagating hate for the other group of human beings who do not share in your beliefs

  6. I don’t think folks on the right detest science. It just seems that way with the narrative since 2020. You have policies for abiotic fuels vs global warming/climate change, masks vs no masks, vaccines vs “anti vaxxers” but in reality there is science to support both sides of the arguments. A theory remains exactly that if it is not both repeatable and observable.

  7. I think our society in general has a very unhealthy relationship with science.

  8. Can't you just say as well, using the same logic: If heaven is real, then we should have more kids, in order to allow them to go there?

  9. God the Father had His only begotten Son anyway knowing Jesus would die and descend into hell.

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with how Curry can make some threes so effortlessly

  11. Thus, God gave us Jokic who plays the game of basketball averaging triple doubles so effortlessly

  12. What’s the story with the disabled person Jokic fist bumps after home games? No hate what so ever, feel like I’ve seen the story before but I forget

  13. That is Nick Owens. He was once able to walk and worked for the nuggets organization. Had a degenerative back condition and is now unable to walk. His father Sherwood Owen are close with the organization and takes his son to all the nuggets home games.

  14. One of the best players of all time just casually sitting in the second round of the draft.

  15. He was sleeping while the nuggets drafted him too

  16. I'm still not entirely sure how the Nuggets are so good this year, but props to them.

  17. Our our players are healthy. Last year we were down Murray and MPJ

  18. Lucky 3 by Murray . we will take it though.

  19. Indeed. The political insiders who planned this shitty coup attempt went about cutting their loose ends very quickly after their utter failure.

  20. So Nancy Pelosi was in on it too by refusing national guard troops to come in and quell the situation?

  21. I disagree with you on 3. He lowered them temporarily which after had an increase every year until 2027

  22. Many tax cut provisions, especially income tax cuts, will expire in 2025, and starting in 2021 will increase over time; by 2027 this would affect an estimated 65% of the population and in that same year the law's provisions are set to be fully enacted, but the corporate tax cuts are permanent.

  23. My sister in law had to wear masks in school for a while. I’ve helped her awaken to the plandemic. But now she continues to wear masks in order to hide her face due to low self esteem. So there’s that…

  24. Well if we think about it, Christianity is the most hated on. On top of that, Catholicism is the most mocked and ridiculed of all Christians.

  25. It’s ALL connected, but The Space Force Quantum Computers have it all.

  26. All connected. This post needs more visibility

  27. He does care. Hes really a team player and I don’t think cares about his own stats or awards. He just wants a championship

  28. Honestly I’m expecting TSM at minimum to make worlds finals since the 2-0 win. They already beat a world champ jg and support so who’s gonna stop them?

  29. We’ll make worlds this year. Humble group of players that work well together.

  30. Many people will find out how much wonder drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ have been suppressed for a long time. Do your due diligence, you may just be surprised

  31. This is the best team we’ve had in our history. Just trying to enjoy every moment of it

  32. You’re right in recognizing that this issue has been politicized from the beginning. Not only did it create immense division (mask vs anti mask, vaccine vs anti vax etc.) people were coerced into taking vaccines socially and economically. It’s right for people to be concerned about covid potentially causing them harm just as it is fair for people to consider vaccines potentially harming them.

  33. Don’t worry buddy, this isn’t about intelligence. We’re all human beings meant to talk civilly and share information with one another. It’s also up to each one of us to do our due diligence and investigate.

  34. If it counts then why can’t I take eucharists? He said I had to watch

  35. You need to be in communion with the Catholic Church. The Eucharist is the center and summit of the Catholic faith as it has been for 2000 years. We believe in the Real Presence; the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  36. Hmm no. Catholics are Christians, the word Catholic means universal and is the name of the universal church. The sacrament of baptism is valid if it’s done in the name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

  37. Going back to 2020, nearly everything in the world that’s happened hasn’t had logical explanations. Fortunately we have Christ to guide us in darkness to light

  38. You aren’t required to marry her. But please be responsible for this unborn child. The child is conceived by your actions and deserves a chance at life. Children develop the best with both a mother and father. I would at least discern all possibilities to ensure this child will always have both.

  39. I believe he is a good man. The spirit of Lincoln gala isn’t Trumps creation however.

  40. Firstly, as Catholics we don’t advocate for same-sex marriage; it just isn’t possible nor does it reflect the Holy family model for building the nuclear family.

  41. The last part of the article seemed to be critical of traditional sexual morality and gender norms.

  42. Trump knew his voterbase and he knew exactly what they wanted to hear, that's for certain. It's just unfortunate that he couldn't get out of his own way and ended up becoming his own worst enemy. His political opponents just had to sit back quietly and watch him turn millions of conservatives against himself in his final months.

  43. My friend , Trump says a lot of things. To be honest with you Trump promised in 2016 the overturning of Roe V Wade and he’s pro life. As many who heard never thought it could be done. Did he tell us what we wanted to hear? Possibly, but push comes to shove he made it happen. Then he defunded planned parenthood and did everything possible to prevent tax dollars from paying for abortion. He also won a case for the sisters of the poor.

  44. Thanks for the support. With having the tism this is actually my special interest and i'm hyper fixated on coloring on charts.

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