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  1. I like the school of thought that ADHD is a subtype of autism and that basically we just don’t really know what these neurodivercences are because the mainstream research is outdated and not great. I like this school of thought because I have an autism diagnosis and relate so much to stuff about adhd. Lol, it saves me from trying too hard to over analyze myself and pinpoint exactly what is what and if I’m an autism imposter. Ex: I need novelty and stimulation, without it I feel suicidal at worst. Yet I need routine, without it I might live in a state of meltdown. There are other examples too.

  2. I do it like once a month and find it entertaining and enjoyable. It's like a scavenger hunt, but you get paid. I will say I do not rely on Shipt for anything other than maybe a nice dinner and day out of the house. For people who really rely on it, I can see how it becomes more of a headache. It'd suck to rely on Shipt so much that a 1 star review can take you out.

  3. Whenever I see a fellow shopper I feel so tempted to ask if they’re on the scavenger hunt too 🤣 sometimes I do

  4. This is absolutely a management issue, and they need to get their act together. You don’t just let Shipt orders with cold items just warm up in store, because management can’t get their act together with telling self checkout employees to audit Shipt orders. I know all Targets are unique, but the process in my area has crystallized around, “process your order and take it to the self checkout employee to audit”. Simple, easy, and very little extra wait time.

  5. One Shipt shopper against a team of Target employees who already treat said Shipt shopper as subhuman working an undignified job.

  6. Yup, I hear you there. You gotta pick and choose your battles and some of them aren’t worth winning.

  7. Unfortunately we’re not all equipped with the mechanisms to properly pull off the assholery that would result in a win.

  8. That depends on whether the authority is just, competent and fair. Basically, whether or not I feel like they have my best interests at heart. I have zero problem falling in line behind someone in the front who knows what he's doing and just needs my help to do it. If I feel like that person or institution is actively working against me or what I find important in life, I will see it burn before I obey any of their commands.

  9. I agree with this. That said, I have a personal theory, with some scientific knowledge to back it, that punk rock culture (which to simplify, largely emphasizes “stick it to the man” and “[email protected] authority” type ideologies) are most likely are large majority neurodivergent populations. And to contradict myself, I know at least one aspie who is very military minded and inclined. I can see how the ridgid routine would be drawing.

  10. I’m unbelievably sensitive to cannabis. I’ve hallucinated off of an amount that wouldn’t even make most people high. “Smoke weed for anxiety. Blah blah, you have anxiety, so you should smoke weed”. I gave it a real good try and hilariously (now that I have boundaries and self awareness) thought it felt excruciatingly horrible due to my mindset and kept trying. I did finally find that if I took ity bity teeny tiny crumbs of indica (not sativa) and rolled them into a spliff I understood what people were talking about, as long as I didn’t add too many crumbs. I can’t even take CBD because the trace amounts of THC get me high and being high on marijuana is the worst feeling I have ever felt.

  11. In a sense, yes absolutely. But it’s probably because I was recently diagnosed, autism was a special interest and I have loads more self awareness and compassion/feel less inclined to mask.

  12. I once had to drop an order because 50% of the order was out of stock AND suddenly traffic got so backed up that google maps projected a 40minute drive time. As soon as it dropped, there it was in open metro, at the same store location. Even though there were stores in the same chain closer to the address. And I didn’t get the freaken $5 they said I would. Smh.

  13. If you don’t tip, your Shipt shopper averages $6 for all that work (in my area at least)

  14. Orders with a base pay of six dollars are very common. Factoring in the expenses of being a private contractor the average of untipped orders is about six dollars

  15. I’m from New Mexico. Not a single “hatch chile” thing I’ve tried from Central Market tastes like hatch chile.

  16. They could have just written their own sentimental message in the card for their grandson. I honestly would have dropped it after she said forget it. That’s a guaranteed 1 star incoming

  17. In an instant like this what would you tell support when you contacted them? I’ve had some shops that I’ve had intuition telling me it would be best for my stats to drop the order. I’d like to be prepared in the future.

  18. Before I go to sleep I make a to do list on a dry erase board I keep next to my bed. I break things up into steps. Somehow before bed is the easiest time for me to do this, plus it helps me sleep to have a plan and get the stuff out of my head. Idk how to format text on Reddit…but my list usually looks like: Eat breakfast-(and I decide as I’m writing what I’ll eat), go for a walk at____,9am, put away three clothes, -put on hanger, hang up wash three dishes, take a shower, eat lunch (____), pay rent—write check, put in envolope, drive to drop box, call soandso

  19. That's helpful, thank you! I'm nuerodivergent so I'm not always sure about how I come across. One of the reasons I really like doing shipt is because I don't have to worry as much about my facial expressions or body language. Not nearly as much masking required.

  20. And it’s pretty much all scripted with clearly laid out guidelines. which is helpful and amazing for us neurodivergent folk…except for when it’s not and it’s stressful as hell 🤣

  21. $97 on an order for a party. Aside from that I’ve gotten some 50-55% tips on decent sized orders

  22. I’m diagnosed level 1 autism. Sometimes I hear or read things about BPD and can relate. For a while BPD and cluster b personality disorders were a special interest. Mostly out of fear of being like my mother, who is very cluster B and abusive. I’ve had meltdowns that could be interpreted as BPD episodes. I’m not as up to date on BPD as I used to be, but if I’m not mistaken, when the DSM was recently updated, the language for BPD was to something along the lines of emotional disregulation disorder. More recently the presentation of Autism in women has been a special interest. Autistic women are very likely to be misdiagnosed as BPD. The language of all of these disorders is dry, clinical, far removed from the human experience, and frankly often inaccurate because it’s from the interpretation of outsiders, primarily based off of male focused studies. Luckily the DSM update also changed the language around autism diagnosis to be more inclusive of women. It’s still lacking. Professionals read that book, see some classic cases and think they know what they’re talking about. They don’t. More often than not mental health professionals really don’t know what autism looks like in real life. I recently took a college psychology class and was absolutely horrified and dumbfounded by the subject matter that was taught on autism. Outdated and inaccurate. Had I not known I’m autistic, I would not have figured it out by covering that material. The best therapist I’ve ever worked with did a lot to help steer me away from my anxiety induced obsessions about what exactly is wrong with me. Everyone’s got something. There is no normal. Some people hear voices and lead productive healthy lives.

  23. Prepandemic we had get togethers. Now we just text each other asking about unfamiliar addresses. Or simply post one if it's just really really bad

  24. That’s pretty awesome. Glad to hear about shoppers helping each other out.

  25. We do it in my area too. Used to be a bigger group but now down to 4 of us. We share info. We tell each other when we are dropping orders, especially if it’s a preferred so we know they get a good shopper. Plus we joke all day long. It’s made Shipt way more fun.

  26. I ran into some Karen’s this week too. Went from a 5 to 4.78. Applied for rating forgiveness and was denied, even though Shipt support took note of the one order that was beyond my control as things were happening. The second two were from a woman who apparently habitually gives bad ratings and now I know never to deliver to her again. I empathize with your frustration. I had some moments of panic. Shipt is currently my primary income. All the other apps are taking a very long time to process my background check.

  27. Op appears to be gone, but I’d like to add that it’s important to process this with your kiddo. I had a similar thing happen when I was a kid. CPS was called on a friends mom. From my perspective out of the blue I wasn’t allowed to be friends with a friend I loved. Her mom hated me, I wasn’t invited to things… a whole lot. I had no idea why or what happened. Still don’t. I wouldn’t say a kid needs to know the details. But in my case, the lack of emotional maturity and processing from my parents led to some long term little t trauma for me. The social ramifications impacted me from middle school through high school.

  28. I think about this very thing a lot. Probably every day. Sometimes I feel so alone and powerless to do anything about it. Not only am I autistic, I have an abusive and toxic family of origin. I figured out I’m autistic when I was about 28. Therefore spending a lot of time inexplicably being traumatized and hating myself. Knowing that my brain works on a different operating system has helped me a lot with all this internalized ableism. I’m one of the bravest people I know, because I keep trying and I keep showing up, despite having an invisible disability. If people can’t see my character through unintentionally autistic things I do it’s no longer on me to bully myself into masking better. It’s on me to move on and to do the emotional, spiritual and inner work to accept and understand that it is harder for me to connect than the majority. And it is possible.

  29. On the dark side, binge drink. On the lighter side, remember that all the non stop thinking and low grade anxiety and worry can be used for creative good rather than self destruction. Engage in detail oriented creative pursuits. Or even not creative per se. paint by numbers is a great on for me. Researching psychology, preemptive self care (good sleep hygiene, therapy, meal prep, body work, nightly journaling and gratitude practice, intentionally acknowledging good things I do, morning walk, nightly brain dump/make tomorrow to do list), light candles for worries as a symbolic way of externalizing it and when that worry comes up reminding myself I don’t have to hold it because it’s being held elsewhere….maybe these are all because of my Virgo moon?

  30. This is a good question. I’m wondering what other’s systems for keeping track of these customers, and past orders in general are.

  31. Yeah, there are a few others that aren’t so bad. but whew, I made the mistake of making a post in a subreddit dedicated to a show I will not name, lol, about, in short how I didn’t see myself and was disappointed and some other feelings and observations I had. Oh boy, I was annihilated… my take, autism is stereotyped, even by autistics. There are subtypes not recognized even by other neurodivergents. Contrary to my beliefs, not all autistics are safe people. For some reason women who lived lives in such a way as to necessitate finding themselves subreddits such as these have also largely lived lives challenging certain privileges and necessitating humility. In short.

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