1. Does he spend all of his time on Instagram? Lol.

  2. I highly doubt that they reconciled/are back together. It may not even be the same ring, just one that looks similar.

  3. Did they show a preview of the next episode?

  4. The podcast was released this Monday. It hasn't been a week. Or am I misunderstanding your reply?

  5. Why is he deflecting? The backlash is because of his T-shirts. What do the Kardashians have to do with this? Also, why can't he call or text them? Why does he have to respond publicly? My goodness!

  6. dove cameron's songs are obviously manufactured to go viral in this era of the internet and tiktok and it kills me. none of her songs scream timeless to me, and not that they have to, but her music is just so forgettable. it has the life span of three months until another tiktok audio takes over.

  7. Took the words right out of my mouth. I agree!

  8. He’s since edited this caption and removed the parts about Anna (guessing must be wintour) and Baz Luhrman filming.

  9. I wonder why he removed that part.

  10. Because it’s kinda gross to turn an apology to someone for publicly attacking them into some kind of fashion art film moment?

  11. Err does his hoodie say “white lives matter” on the back with a picture of Trump on the front?

  12. Yes, she went live on TikTok earlier today.

  13. Kim and Khloe were taking about Tristan cheating and khloe worrying about what he was doing in their relationship and Kim says that people ask her how she trusts Pete and he says she just does. Then kim was talking about her new style and changes in her life and she said going through a divorce and getting a new boyfriend has changed her or something like that. The preview for next week talks about Pete’s first ig post and him potentially going to space

  14. pete’s going to space and gets an ig, Kris’s hip is fucked up and she’s scared about it, kylie does a photo shoot, kendall walks in the Prada show

  15. Does anyone have a link to the full video interview? Is that a thing? I keep seeing tictoks and I'm not sure if it's just cips or or they release the whole thing.

  16. It’s only on Spotify, I believe! The podcast is called Call Her Daddy!

  17. Girl I was obsessed with them just on pictures alone lmao idk why they always looked so cute together

  18. Yes, all of their photos are so cute! I loved them together when I was younger, lol. I still can’t believe it didn’t work out, but I guess it was for the best!

  19. I honestly don't think she's going to say anything juicy 😭

  20. Do you guys agree? Who do you think should be nominated? Who should win?

  21. Yeah I gotta stan this. People I see active regarding other feminist/issues are dead silent regarding the crisis in Iran. I give her major kudos for posting, Iran needs people like her to share what’s going on. They cut of the internet, we are the only voice for the people living under a dictatorship. Way to go Khloe!

  22. It was Kourtney who posted this, not Khloe. I don't mean this rudely, by the way! I just noticed that you said Khloe.

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