1. Usually Beysandbricks has individual parts, tho i can't find armors there right now.

  2. I have a 15% coupon code for beygems that you can use. “Hez15”

  3. There’s a bunch on eBay for $12 bucks. Which armor and discs are you looking to get?

  4. I own both the Db and standard tt. From personal experience. I have more fun with the standard especially my attack type beys. Don’t make the same mistake as me going for the Db stadium as my first just because it’s accessible. I got a standard stadium from Japan through eBay for $52 and It arrived to the eastcoast in 5 days. Edit: And yes the scratches are more noticeable on the black stadium. The white will look cleaner.

  5. Discount toys USA is beysandbricks so yeah they’re legit. I’ve bought from them multiple times and they have a great customer service! Personally I would shell out an extra $7 and get the dragoon v2 b-194 if you still don’t own tapered and L gear. There’s also an 8% discount active right look it up for that bang for your buck!

  6. Long term I would go for a standard TT stadium. It can be had for $50+ on eBay.

  7. It’s not that difficult to open it up. Most likely the string is tangled inside. However, if you’re a minor I would suggest to ask for adult supervision. And like others mentioned there’s a ton of tutorials on yt. Also it wouldn’t hurt to record the disassembly so you won’t forget how to put it back together.

  8. Would totally complain & get Savior Valkyrie. Regardless if he is competitive or not that is the one he wanted.

  9. I definitely would agree! Plus it doesn’t hurt that Savior Valkyrie comes with a very good bey launcher!

  10. They didn’t have to but I have no complaints on how super their customer service is.

  11. If coaching the olympics doesn’t count then I’d go for Pop. Here’s the list on top of my head. David Robinson, Sean Elliot, Dominique Wilkins, Dennis Rodman, Chuck Person, Timmy D, Manu, Parker, Kahwi, Gasol and Aldridge.

  12. It’s always the case and not cool unless they explain why they think it’s “fake”

  13. You can use hez15 to get 15% off of your purchase btw!

  14. The cheapest I found of that exact model is on mall of toys. However if you want the newer ones, you can get one from beygems. It’s we’re I got mine for a good deal assuming you’re in the us.

  15. Not bad at all considering you get giga and mobius!

  16. Word that would be the pro series… But I dont really collect Hasbro so looks like Ima shoot for the DB! Thanks for the input man!

  17. You can get a dash b-174 or a standard takara tomy b-033 for $50 - $60 shipped on eBay.

  18. How is Malice In The Palace luck? Artest was a known hot head and the Pacers chose to take him on

  19. If Reggie told the team he was retiring after that season. A lot could have changed for that franchise.

  20. I’m an American so don’t expect me to know simple math plus I flunked algebra And thank you!

  21. Going to depend on if you have 2x of her CB or not. Best to wait until the builder is updated or you are done grinding the CBs out. Then you have to balance LB/evoke as usual.

  22. Do you know if it’s better to have 270 esper dmg and 200 lb dmg or 240 esper dmg and 255 lb damage for OM Lunafreya? Evo dmg is maxed out.

  23. I'm assuming he's going to return for every other GLEX design contest banner.

  24. They didn’t include my Melia. So I’m kinda skeptical about Behemy being included as a bonus unit for the next glex event.

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