1. you'd be surprised, one of my professors was a WRITER on blue bloods and she's also a massive succession fan

  2. Well, that's a little different. A job is a job. I'm sure plenty of TV writers would take a staff gig on a long-running show like Blue Bloods. It pays well and there's more job security than most shows these days. Even if the show itself is lowest common denominator copaganda

  3. I always wondered why Jerry wasn't eating any cereal with those Saturday morning cartoons

  4. Tiny Toons was a weekday afternoon cartoon from what I remember so this scene probably wasn’t Saturday morning.

  5. Upon further reflection, I think you're right. I do have very faint recollections of TTA airing after school on weekdays. Although I admit it all sort of blends together after all these years. I might be thinking of Animaniacs, which was definitely on Saturday mornings when I was growing up.

  6. Nice collection! I stumbled on Tropic Thunder at a great price when it dropped and I really regret not pulling the trigger.

  7. At least there is snow around when the molten lava burns off the nerve endings in the roof of your mouth

  8. That's why the pro move is to freeze them, not toast them

  9. It's truly difficult to comprehend the levels of Main Character Syndrome requires to think that changing your profile picture on a social media site will anger the ruling party of a global superpower with a population of a billion and a half.

  10. I swear this was just posted the other day, wasn't it? Or have I just spent too many nights getting drunk and playing video games until my eyes bleed?

  11. Oof, that's a sorry sight. Hope you had some cold cuts and home to supplement that sad excuse for a sandwich.

  12. I mean, this framing is a little sensationalized. It's not like Bugs was a separate persona inside Blanc. But I have a friend who is a doctor of neuroscience and he's fascinated by the way the neural pathways in our brains process atypical language and speech.

  13. My friend bought me a whole mess of black garlic at a garlic festival a few weeks ago and this gag was all I could think of. I wish I had more time to cook, I'd love to make my way through all of Bob's specials.

  14. $16? Before 2022 you could get like four Döners in Berlin for that price

  15. Even here in NYC, a large platter with pita from one of the street carts is like $12 or $13. And there's probably twice as much food.

  16. No clicker, no clicker, no clicker, no clicker!

  17. The wait between FRLG and HGSS was almost six years. The wait between HGSS and ORAS was five years. The wait between ORAS and BDSP was almost exactly seven years to the day. So I wouldn't hold your breath for Black and White remakes anytime soon. It seems awfully early to tease games we'll likely see between late 2026 and 2028.

  18. I mean, I'd love it. I traded Tee for Cooper Kupp in Fantasy the day before Kupp got hurt. This would finally rid me of the salt.

  19. I thought the whole thing was fantastic from start to finish, including the mermaid section. So I'm not really sure what to tell you.

  20. He better be humble, the guy is partly responsable for book stores closing worldwide, paying thousand of people below a decent wage and tax fraud on a massive scale.

  21. I sincerely doubt the author would sincerely say any of those things, since the

  22. The tweet and accompanying article are satire. The WSJ profile it's responding to is not.

  23. Marge becomes a robot! Maybe Moe gets a cellphone. Has Bart ever owned a bear?

  24. The look you give someone when you're good if you're good

  25. If I don't set up screens and debuffs, no one else will.

  26. Herzog's documentaries. It would probably go to Shout! since they released a handful of them in their Herzog set, but hey, a man can dream

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