1. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because people take huge doses at first and scare the fuck out of themselves and never want to do it again. If they would just start at like 2mg and gradually get to know the spirit a little more over time and gradually increase dose; most people would be much more understanding. It has been shown in studies that 5meodmt when administered in this way: starting super low threshold microdose and then slowly working your way up over the course of a couple months with integration in between each dose even though it may not be what you expected or wanted(this is a problem you have an attachment to what you want the experience to be and that’s the opposite of surrendering) know what I mean?

  2. My first dose was big, but not enough. It was terrifying at first, felt like I was dying and breathing heavy, after flopping in my bed with a slightly burnt throat. I felt possessed by a mischievous Mayan/Aztec spirit, causing me do flop in bed with dance and style. My entire room appeared Mayan/Aztec as well. I heard memories of Terrences voice remembering what he described and finally seeing how he wasn’t far off, is I saw stone faces of Mayan gods right in my face. Anyway I was terrified in bed, through the fear I saw the beauty. So much beauty. I then remembered that this will only last five minutes, “I have to make the most of this experience.”, so I played guitar in my chair, felt connected to everything and so much love, it made me want to talk to my mom and tell her I love her.

  3. Yeah bro that integration is very important and it depends on your resistance and ability or lack of ability to surrender in life in general leading up to vaping it. If you normally are a control freak it’s not gonna be good. Keep integrating bro go see an integration counselor one with a masters degree in counseling not a life coach(nothing against them just can’t do as much as a counselor can for you in terms of what you can talk about and how deep your conversation can go). For some people a micro dose will send them into full ego dissolution.

  4. So true lol, slapping me right where it hurts the most. And yes it wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what I needed. I still go back just to see, and each time it basically gives me the same sensation that scared me in the first place. It can’t talk to me cause I haven’t done enough, so it just provides the message through my own physical body. Definitely a very potent way to make me/anyone pay attention

  5. Just accept your situation. You can’t force a change in mindset. Put tha phone down and accept the nigativity.

  6. But. Eatable mush? Assuming they were frozen fresh, it would just be disgusting texture wise, but not rotten right?

  7. Sometimes people downvote you because they didn’t like your question, it always confuses me to see that. “Bad question! You suck!”

  8. Wait what? How can something of a different density than something else have the same mass if we are referring to an equal amount of 3 dimensional space utilized? Except that is among different atomic weights right? - I get it if you are saying that when both are melted down to their melted mass then there is no difference?

  9. I think they mean that because yellow dmt tends to be more dense, it’s easier to get a dose larger than intended. Especially it you eyeball the dose, since you really only see the volume. This is why it’s important to use a scale. Helps to get your dose right regardless of volume

  10. I saw a list somewhere a while back of MAOIs, and not only was nicotine on there, caffeine and cannabis were also. How effective would one suppose my MAOs actually are at this point considering I regularly partake of all of these?

  11. I also partake in them all. Very interesting. And my trips have been noticeably longer after starting

  12. Do you smoke cigarettes or vape? The nicotine constricts blood vessels and when its cold your hands don’t stay warm at all. I want to quit vaping for this reason. Maybe the dmt increased circulation too quickly to the hands? I always get a tingling feeling throughout my whole body from dmt

  13. I do. I actually found out that people who use tobacco or vape have less MAO than people who don’t. I looked it up because I was curious as to why my trips seem to last much longer than when I first tried Dmt. I knew that I didn’t use nicotine when I first started, and I did a lot when I thought about it. Here’s the link:

  14. What exactly is non psychedelic about life

  15. Well everything you know and experience happens within the mind, you’re whole universe is you. And your body is just part of the rest of the universe, most people just think that they aren’t. You are a universe which is part and of the rest of the universe

  16. Yeah it’s not just a chemical. It’s a chemical mixed with with a brain of one of the smartest species on earth. Brain regions talk that don’t usually talk. What you learn from is probably your subconscious, and not the drug itself

  17. Whether or not your burning it, there’s no need to get it hotter than when it starts vaporizing. Too hot and you may burn your lungs. And second thing that causes me pain is taking too big breaths. Sometimes I take a hit so big I stretch my lungs. And my belly is big and tight, so it sometimes compresses my lungs after a hit. I’ve been looking for a new way of smoking so I can get it less hot

  18. The responses to this video bother me. The majority of people I see commenting are talking about how this guy’s an idiot, such a disrespectful shitfluencer. I don’t think you guys realize that this is just a person who wanted to help themselves, and just didn’t know the right way to go about it. While yes, 5 times a week is pretty ridiculous, shaming people who are interested in these things for making mistakes isn’t really a great look for this community that claims to be so enlightened. People like this need to be taught, or crazy shit ensues. We are all crazy monkeys, after all.

  19. ya i think its around 5 grams in my experience. ive done varying doses up to 12 grams and my most profound experiences were all in the 3.5-5g range. i don't really go past 3.5 anymore.

  20. I don’t understand the downvotes. It’s like these people disapprove that you have a personal preference

  21. If your serious about this you need a list of every medication she's on and start doing your research.

  22. She wanted to try it but I told her it’s a bad idea. Now I’m starting to think I can work it out for her if I do my research

  23. I take Lexapro and did a small dose of dmt and had symptoms of serotonin syndrome like twitching and my brain felt hot. The next step would’ve been a seizure if I would’ve taken anymore. It’s different for everybody and I had also taken acid at the time but it was very scary

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