1. The amount of times people have chained Destruction/Banish to my Evenly Matched is just baffling.

  2. you mean the 3 Ash, 2 called, and crossout you were going to run anyway? Not saying Maxx C isn't powerful, but don't pretend you weren't going to run all these cards just because Maxx C was banned.

  3. I run it in decks that don't fill their extra deck, but the main issue with cherries is it's only good in mirrors going second or if you just have one particular monster you really don't want to see. On the other hand thanks to how meta heavy MD is she actually can be great going second Events.

  4. There's four main staples in the Ed that's baron dpe zues and vert but I avoid vert because it's only really used to get dpe so I wait for it to pop destiny with vert and banish dpe for an easy win

  5. the decks i run her in usually have Halqifibrax, DPE, Access Code, and Barrone. They tend to be fairly obvious when people are going into them turn 1 except Access Code, but Access Code is so common to find in the Extra deck and can be used in any deck i make any way.

  6. The Witchcrafter Engine is quite cheap for a grass deck, but it does struggle to accomplish much on it's own as you really only have Verre for negates and Haine for destruction. So running it with another engine is good, like Invoked. Tossing in Lost Wind or Titanocider is a good option as they can set themselves from the grave if your opponents Special Summons from the Extra deck.

  7. i completed mine doing 95% of my friends list raid. and you will realise the main reason you cannot complete your raid quest is because people stop killing them once they have completed their own quest line since its not worth for the 400 info spent

  8. Unfortunately Joining raids doesn't help for the mission to Send Support Requests...that one requires finding your own raids. I know the pain because i'm stuck in the same place, except not even Dives will spawn.

  9. As someone who runs Witchcrafter, sorry. The deck lives or dies based on whether your opponent opens Ash turn 1 most of the time. As for decks i hate to see, well anything that runs IO or Drytron...i've played enough Drytrons thank you.

  10. No need to be sorry i just needed to vent after losing to io and secret village for an entire day right after hitting max rank. Secret village doesn't even help your engine get started, feels so win more to me.

  11. Yeah Grass makes the deck quite painful thanks to the sheer advantage they gain from it. As for reasoning that's a hard one as all the low lv Witches have gy effects anyway. I'd say if you want to stop a special summon with decent odds go with 4 as Schietta is played at 3 most of the time and if they happen to be running invoked with it you'll hit Aleister as well. The other option is to call high, either 7 or 8 and try to dump either Haine or Verre in the gy.All that said Reasoning is really good for Witchcrafter because if it isn't Negated there isn't a true best LV to call.

  12. what do you mean my witchcrafter deck is non fusion? I have super poly, my opponent's monsters with varying types and attributes and my spell casters with different attributes for my extra deck mud dragon. See? it's a fusion deck. /s

  13. I mean it can be, if you run a 60 card Grass Invoked Witchcrafter. I've had decent success with it.

  14. Going to guess they played: Normal Summon Schmietta, Activate Schmietta to summon Haine, Banish Schietta to get Bystreet in Grave...if this was the play Ash Blossom on the Schietta into Haine is the play.

  15. Invoked/Witchcrafter is the main deck I play since i got back into Yugioh. It's been mostly fun. I've toyed with Trickstar, Mayakashi, and Dragonmaid as well.

  16. Currently using a 60 card Invoked Witchcrafter deck. Pretty fun, though definitely on the bricky side of things.

  17. How do you exactly chain synchro Shiranui? I know that Mayakashi relies on Dakki but I'm not sure for Shiranui

  18. the easiest way is to get spectralsword's graveyard effect and that is pretty much it. Shiranui isn't super combo heavy.

  19. Yeah but in term of turn 1 synchro, it does feels like shiranui is terrible at it since spectralsword can only be done on turn 2.

  20. I've been using Mayakashi. Works well enough given i run Zombie World and Doomking as well.

  21. So your ZEUS is about to be negated for the rest of the turn, do you simply A.) just chain it again? Or do we B.) let it resolve, and then try again next turn when the monster that negated you is till on board? I wonder what he was thinking...

  22. Couldn't explain why they played it like that, best guess is they net decked for the XYZ event and weren't really familiar with their own cards...nevermind mine.

  23. I get the feeling this person doesn't usually play Zoo into Zeus or that they just didn't understand how Verre works.

  24. As someone who has ran the clock down before(When i was newer and had no idea what i was doing), it's not 8 minutes a turn. The clock just starts at 8 minutes and the most you can get back is about 90 or so seconds if you ran it down to like 20 seconds left. Also that turn time also carries over to your response time in your opponent's turn, so if you take forever on your turns you risk not being able to counter properly.

  25. I know it includes the response time. As for this 20 second rule? I don't know, I've never run the clock that long myself. I know enough that 480 seconds are given and that the opponent in question used up somewhere between 5 and 7 minutes each turn. If true, it sounds like they played until they got to a time in which they can keep recovering time indefinitely, which still makes for a boring game.

  26. Fair enough, i actually agree that 480s is a bit much for the starting clock. On top of that if you consistently need 5+ minutes a turn you probably need more practice with your deck or to rework it. My bigger issue is when people go crazy with there special/link/snycro/etc summons while i have 500LP and no cards on the board and nothing in my hand...

  27. Got to 16000LP just before Maintenance started running Spell Absorption on a Witchcrafters deck.

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