1. Generally speaking, people seem to think that because Gwen is from the real world that automatically makes her some incredibly powerful reality warping god but there’s two really big problems with this interpretation of her powers

  2. What’s your history with this matchup and why does it mean a lot to you?

  3. -two Iconic heroes of their respective mediums (comics and video games) that became the heroes they are today because of lab experiments (Peter being bitten by the radioactive spider and Rock being upgraded into MegaMan) That then out of their feelings of responsibility with their power with become heroes with blue in their colour with the suffix of “man” with indomitable willpower that helps them against even the most indomitable odds

  4. Is it more fair if they’re composited? Because from what I know mega man stomps Spider-Man

  5. Even if it was canon it would’ve been a massive outlier to certain characters.

  6. I always wanted corridor digital and rackaracka as a guest or to work on a death battle.

  7. Honestly I disagree,is it a 100% chance?no but with announcement of transformers rise of the beasts,there is a higher chance than 30% of x vs primal happening.I’d say a 70% chance

  8. As someone who didn’t feel anything or didn’t care towards this announcement,Its still really nice to see someone actually be hyped to see this finale unlike everyone else.

  9. They don’t really touch into the core of their characters besides just rivals with demon dad

  10. would you be fine with their alts being an episode?Like kamen rider decade or Superman for the doctor,Jonesy or reed richards for Rick Sanchez

  11. If you have the patience and willpower to go through Ken lenders awful writing then yes

  12. Yes but it's revealed that Eggman brought her back because he sees her as his daughter. (Not joking by the way over the course of the game you can actually see Eggman genuinely care about Sage and even call her his daughter.)

  13. Alright,what about the chaos emeralds?Isn’t that used to power up the death egg and the big laser attached to it?

  14. Considering the chaos emeralds are kind of exception to certain things in the fact that almost most of the Sonic has gets them or some type of version of them (blaze gets the soul emeralds while Archie silver as you could probably tell got the time stones orspecifically a Time Stone from Sonic CD.) Plus if Bowser can get some of the Mario power-ups (like the double cherry and the cat power up and some of the items you get in Mario kart) then it should be fine.

  15. Yeah since sage just kind of is a part of eggman's arsenal now and considering the fact that she literally has the Titans who literally scale to super sonic, and the fact that saved herself literally can possess the strongest Titans (the supreme Titan) yeah, I don't think Bowser wins anymore.

  16. Scaling aside, what other feats/abilities sage and her titans can do

  17. How bout Archie sonic vs Ren fuji, it’s pretty thematic and doesn’t fufill an existing legacy matchup.

  18. My idea was to have this death battle split into two parts.Let the first part end in a cliffhanger, like have a major character in the episode die or something

  19. I heard the idea of "Light writes Walter's name in the Death Note but due Walter fully becoming Heisenberg, it doesn't work" which isn't how anything works...but it sounds fucking awesome.

  20. When can a name change defy death like that?Sorry That sounds badass but I’m not sure if the death note has limits like that.

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