1. Hello - we are still trying to process - and to not feel sad!!

  2. What was your favorite “unexpected” moment?

  3. Good question! I loved how small some of the discreet encounters were - I had two that were 10 or less people “meet me here at this time” type of thing where we were assigned tasks. I had spoilers about the finale so I know what to expect there. I also loved Gaya’s fanboy moments - he was hilarious! (Trying not to spoil anything here for other readers). How about you?

  4. I second that ! My daughter found stuff second hand and I grabbed a bunch at Ross…super cheap but made a huge difference! Feel free to ask any questions! We just left this morning and I just want to go back…

  5. Not from Florida so it was difficult to film ( i didn’t realize the exit was coming up) as our ride was so short but there was very clear freeway signage on where to exit! You’ll be fine :) Have ID ready to get past security.

  6. We are going in two days and I will try! We are going from a Disney Resort so not sure of the route! When are you going?

  7. 3 week countdown! What’s the ratio of non-dressed up, batuu inspired and cosplay guests? We will be there in July and I’m worried cosplay will be hot …but so fun !

  8. We’ve carried light sabers on without a problem several times- they usually fit on the overhead compartment but sometimes the flight attendant will put it in the coat closet :)

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