1. I'm assuming you don't play games like mtg? Cause if these turns are too long for you, I can't imagine how'd you fair in a more traditional tcg

  2. Post-facto categorization doesn't really do it for me. It wasn't possible to define it then because it was just what goths were into. It is only possible now, with a whole lot of bands that sound like one or the other of the early ones, who've kept going in the direction of a single record or even song that one of those gave birth to. Now there is something you can draw an imaginary line around, because there is volume, just a ton of those bands.

  3. Your argument can be condensed down to "I don't like the definition of goth, therefore I reject it" but that isn't nearly as self masturbatory

  4. Aww poor Nike, they're just a humble independent company who will never recover from some of their sneakers being stolen

  5. Cycling is a low impact sport, so your longevity is a lot easier. I also think professional sports have corrupted what we view as fitness, we all assume that since sports athletes have careers that end at 40 at the latest this must translate to regular folks but it just doesn't. A 40 year old with training can outmuster many twenty year olds, the difference really is people that age have a peak, whereas a young person can keep climbing, so give that twenty year old time and training and they can outpace those 40 year olds

  6. I mean recent studies show exercise is more effective at curing depression than drugs, which has led experts to believe its environmental.

  7. It's funny I'm an endurance cyclist, I rode 100s of miles in a week, and at a minimum bike 60 miles a week spread across days, didn't fix my depression or even help that much. Yeah sure it's great to get out, and it def helped with mood regulation, but the extreme sorrow I felt still resonated, my issue was social isolation, and no amount of exercise would fix that.

  8. Yup! Also proven by several studies. But I'll probably get down for that too. People hate truth that goes against deeply held dogma. And I'm Pro helmet even.

  9. What's your goal then? You could probably argue that people not wearing seatbelts drive safer than people who wear them, applying that same logic, but what would be the end goal of that of not to discourage seat belt usage? So I take that example and apply it to your use case, if you are pro helmet then how does suggesting they make people less safe going to give that impression? It can only be read as a discouragement of using one, because you offered no context and just shotgunned out this response as a rebuttal, but I'm not sure what exactly you are rebutting if you support people wearing helmets?

  10. I'm not suggesting anything nor is there a "goal." I've mere stated research back facts. If you have a problem, your problem is with the truth. I wear a helmet and I wear seat belts. Doesn't mean I have an overinflated sense of their protection from reckless behavior that's all.

  11. Great, but when you first said it, you didn't say anything about helmet working or anything, all you did was bring up a study about how helmets make people act recklessly, and nothing else, no context no anything. It wasn't till you responded to someone else that you brought up that you are pro helmet, but only in the context of you getting down voted, not to enhance your argument.

  12. I love that people try to act like there is a proper way to play a role playing game, like it's about the group experience, and different groups want different experiences.

  13. He IS an amazing vocalist, but that song is bubblegum nonsense.

  14. Why does all music have to be hyper complex and philosophically deep? We all have things we enjoy that we don't have to put a ton of thought into or have to be a scholar to enjoy.

  15. General rule is if you can do 20 you can... Do 100. You've previously done 85 so I have faith.

  16. What are you basing the idea of being able to ride twenty miles, you can do 100? About 5 hours into an endurance ride everything changes as your body starts declaring war on you. How is a 20 mile ride that can take 2 hours generally at most, and that's a terrible pace, compare?

  17. Would you be Ok if wages would go down if inflation would reverse?

  18. go make a game with a small team and try to not charge for anything, even cosmetics. it’s not capitalism, it costs money to make a game, especially when it’s free to play.

  19. So you're saying the company would not make money if they changed the structure? Prove that.

  20. That's a very creative way to dodge answering the question, assume my intelligence and then act condescending

  21. I remember once I passed an e bike rider, and he comes up standing and pushing as hard as he could to pass me again, I just let him pass and passed him again because he didn't have the stamina to maintain the speed.

  22. Oh I do see some homeless people. What I DON'T see are disgusting drug encampments being allowed to take over downtown parks and sidewalks for their personal use.

  23. I hate to disappoint you bud, but they are there, I was homeless and traveled the country for ten years, I know seattles homeless problem is no worse than any other, the others just hide it in the "poor parts of town"

  24. You're not hearing me, bud. So I'll say it again. I see homeless people in other cities. Just not tent encampments. And certainly not in the numbers we have here. Seattle has the 3rd highest number of vagrants in the country, and thats in raw numbers, not per capita.The proliferation of encampments is mostly a west coast problem, thanks to Martin v Boise and our permissive "progressive" values.

  25. Again, they do exist in those cities, you were shown an illusion in order to trick you into spending money, every city has these, they all exist, they all have encampments. You live in a delusion of your own creation.

  26. 2% of the snap population spending 100 dollars is worth more than 98% spending 2 dollars

  27. If we can’t put armed LEOs ON the cars then no thanks. Security guards on them are useless.

  28. I hope when you say armed you don't mean a gun, cause the idea of someone shooting a gun in a tight space is a great way to shoot random people who had nothing to do with it

  29. So let me get this straight, you think there is zero risk with firing a gun in a tight corridor. Trained police officers have, at the top of their classes a hit rate of 50%. Have you ever fired a gun before?

  30. There was an old game, a classic called Mercenaries that allows you to destroy everything. It was ahead of its time. Wish we would get a remaster.

  31. I'd only want it if they rebuild the game from the ground up,.it did not age well and would be a chore nowadays

  32. As person living in Netherlands for few years you should improve infrastructure not blame cyclists.

  33. It’s happened more than once. My belief is that it is up to me to use my bell and to judge the situation in front of me but since I have had multiple occurrences of people screaming at me as I am passing and once from an opposite lane as I was clear on the right I guess I wanted to see if I was doing something wrong.

  34. I mean I think you're just overthinking it, people can be annoyed for a million reasons and it can have nothing to do with you. They could have just got buzzed by someone and are sensitive to someone coming up on them, or shit they just might have had a bad day. It's better to assume ignorance rather than malice, pedestrians can certainly be weird unpredictable and total assholes, but in my experience so can bikers so people being annoyed with us is more earned than I think we want to admit because we as individuals might not be jerks

  35. TLDR but I’m not yelling out on your left to some slow walker whos 99% likely to have AirPods in.. if you’re that spatially unaware or ignorant to the fact that bicycles use the same trail your fat ass does then I’m going to fly by you why do I need to waste my KOM ringing my little bell to someone that’s not gonna hear it.. hold your line and you won’t get run over

  36. oh i didnt realize you were entitled to the road, forgive me, i apologize for assuming you were just a regular person and not royalty

  37. Seattle is a temperate rainforest, like all rainforests it rains pretty regularly but not in sheer inches, but in consistent days of rain

  38. I'm just going to keep opening them, I was never under the illusion that the game was going to be fair, it's a mobile game. It follows the same pattern all mobile games do, create a seemingly fair system to bring in a bunch of free to play players so the whales have people to play with, and once they secure the whales in the ecosystem then you start squeezing them for every dime they can. You wanna change the behaviour of the devs, you gotta reach the whales and get them to stop playing, there will always be a fresh pool of new players who don't know the changes to replace old players who are burnt out by the predatory practices.

  39. I wouldn't say it would make you faster immediately, but it does make your rotations more consistent, which over time will make it more efficient to go faster

  40. As long as they don't use her again as a lazy way to bloat out the dlc content, then I'll be fine

  41. Are you the only person in your area that commutes to work by bike? Can you prove that they are purposely putting you at the back, or are you just going to for the quickest and easiest answer?

  42. Only one? Nah, there are probably a couple hundred. And no, I can’t prove anything. How could I?

  43. I say that, because you assumed a lot of details, like the assumption that they would know you are using your bike for commuting, without you having brought it up? Did you ask them why it's going to take so long, and did they say why?

  44. Few reasons, the big one is that they are riding these bikes hard, meaning the propensity for failure is so much higher, a rear derailleur is sticking out compared to the rest of the bike, so easy to nick on a corner or have someone accidentally kick (which has happened). There's a lot of ways to have a failure especially when you see the sheer amount of racers, this is why all the teams carry multiple bikes as substitutes.

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