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  1. Dude, you need some help bud. Have you considered a therapist? You think people would create second accounts just to come after you? That's some paranoid delusions man, I'm just gonna leave now cause I feel bad man. I hope you can get some help, for real man, I'm sorry you feel so insecure, but there is help.

  2. Straw man argument here. Nobody says that you shouldn't care about winning. We all do, and winning is part of the fun.

  3. When has any battle royale been fair? I've yet to play a battle royale where people don't take advantage of everything.

  4. Brother nobody is saying you should sit and wait your turn. It's a battle royale, we're not naive. I'm not expecting you to come like a gentleman, out your gloves on and start a 1 v 1 with honor and prise. What we're saying is : 1- Some players EXCLUSIVELY play lame 2- The game is built in a way that favors lame playstyles

  5. Buts that the nature of a battle royale. There are people in Apex, as an example, who sit and hide the whole match, and then pop up and start killing people towards the end. It can be really annoying as I put all this time and effort and have this amazing loot setup, only to get killed by a guy hiding behind a door.

  6. Remember when the CIA lied about Iraq and proceeded to kill a million Iraqis, destabilized the country and caused ISIS, probably causing another million deaths and countless destruction to world history, and nobody even apologized?

  7. Nice strawmen, just because other people do bad things doesn't mean Alex should face no consequences for his actions.

  8. I'm sorry you're unable to scroll by and ignore something, I promise to make sure to think about that in the future

  9. What's so hard to comprehend that not everyone has to agree with you about your narrow ass definition of what is acceptable in this group. People may like things that you don't, and that's ok. It's not your group, you egomaniac

  10. I always wonder « wtf can be filming in such situations? » when I see these vid.

  11. My best guess is people from the media, like journalists, but I can't actually say, it is interesting though

  12. I think the tik tok person found the footage and uploaded it, it's not mine, so I can't say

  13. That bad shoulder for the rest of his life will be a good daily reminder of how stupid he was.

  14. ...and no one's wearing any safety equipment (helmets; goggles; masks; etc). This one looks like a "crowd facepalm."

  15. You mean John Lovell (the guy in the video), an ex US army special forces ranger who did tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, should not be around guns?

  16. You're right, you're the smartest person to ever exist. How dare I laugh at this amazing perspn

  17. Being trained with a weapon is the key difference here, he is mitigating risk. It's extremely unlikely anything is going to happen to make his weapon go off but in case it does he wants to minimize damage. Conceal carry requires you to hide your weapon and that's going to be dangerous in most places you put it.

  18. I mean not conceal carrying is a good way to prevent risk as well. Not many situations in life do you need a hidden gun. You're about as likely to need it as you are shooting off your testicle

  19. This is a pretty meh post. It's not abrupt chaos, and the video is only 6 seconds long.

  20. I would assume that the ass end of an avalanche is the best place to be but I don't know for sure.

  21. I love that his asinine driving led to him personally being ejected from the cart.

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