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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  • By - cvnvr

Update: The sword is definitely not straight

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  1. I keep in mind that there is literally no benefit. You are simply giving into your urges. There’s no amount of mental gymnastic that will change the truth, it will only change your mind. The truth is if you give in, you will feel good for 7 seconds and feel even worse than your withdrawals, but about yourself. 7 seconds or go to bed proud of your self discipline and do it again the next day, your choice.

  2. You can only do this if the company is registered in the location you will be working in and allows this. This is because the company has to handle local taxes and comply with local employment laws. Most companies don't have legal entities set up to manage these in every country, so you will be limited in where you can work out of.

  3. I hadn't thought about this, I'll have to do some research thank you! I'll also bring up some of these questions during my interviews through my job search.

  4. Just remember, it is illegal to work while on a tourist visa when in another country. You need proper work authorization to work in a foreign country.

  5. Any idea what kinda process that entails for say places in Europe?

  6. Of all the shit that goes on in this show, this is the closest I got to looking away from the screen

  7. I disagree I think we should get Twitter so we can get the boys followers up and stop this karma whoring:5045:

  8. I respect your mission but I'm afraid I can't make that sacrifice

  9. tbf I view my reddit via Best and Hot filter so I don't have to sift through the dog shit reposts like some of you in here, I can sympathize there

  10. depends man, if this lives on like a skyrim he's set for life haha.

  11. hmmm, if you're going for something that doesn't clash with the game's style... Jurdin? orrr... Jalfern?

  12. I'm genuinely impressed you were able to draw this on your phone my guy, well done.

  13. In another timeline this started planet of the apes

  14. I think it’s hate towards feeing like the game wasted their time, so being a part of the subreddit is an outlet for being upset.

  15. where are they now? can you ask them? how are they doing?

  16. Pick one cause it’s gonna be really hard to afford both

  17. It’s a great game! I was upset about the possible future changes but since they’ve reverted that I’m back at it. As I seen someone else mention, hang onto everything, and if you see motes around while questing/ traveling grab all of them. Don’t waste your coin on expensive items early on. The questing early on will have you swimming in coin and it will be tempting to spend it, but I’d recommend saving up for for a house and items you’ll need when you’re 60. Hang onto all of your luck gear and any accumulation gear you find. Whatever build you plan on going into I’d recommend you focus on leveling that profession first. For example, I’m bow/ spear build and I leveled engineering so I could make arrows for myself and now I’m rocking legendary weapons from it. Try your best during leveling your trade skills to use T5 refining (Obsidian Flux for example) agents as they give bonus crafted items and will help you level faster. 200 Stonecutting will be extremely useful late game as it’s what allows you to make orbs for endgame dungeons. As your territory standing grows in areas choose wisely as to what you pick cause you can’t reset that. It tops out at 300. Storage is obviously a BIG one so always get that. By the way you don’t have to have items on your person when you’re in a town crafting, as long as they’re in your storage shed it’ll allow you to craft those items. Can’t think of anything else off hang although I learn more and more still everyday. Hope you enjoy the game! Good luck to you!

  18. wow this was so much helpful info! thank you so much, I love the positive side of this game's community so far!

  19. I actually didn't know u meant the server downtime when I replied to this. I didnt know they were down. yeah that's unlucky mate.

  20. wow man thanks for all this info! What you said about not min-maxing gave me a sigh of relief I didn't know I needed, I appreciate it. I can't wait to dive into this!

  21. HTML and CSS are tricky in their own way but they're more straightforward. They're markup languages, not programming languages, so they don't have anywhere near the same level of complexity.

  22. This makes a lot of sense to me, I’m going to make playing around with functions and aspects of Javascript a part of my learning, thank you!

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