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  1. Man's on that Sigma grindset. If you're not working while in the shower, you're just intentionally wasting time at that point.

  2. Do you have reason to believe your dentist is going to try and steal your identity?

  3. A good game? In 2022? This is unacceptable. It must be ruined with tedious gameplay which encourages microtransactions. That's what gaming is now. Profit for the 1%. Not fun.

  4. Dude Elden Ring came out in 2022. By default that makes this an amazing year for gaming. Doesn't matter what shitty companies try to ruin it.

  5. We need an entire spinoff series followed by a movie to explain why he's called Nacho.

  6. No, but this damn meme is implying it! We have to make a stand here as hydrohomies!

  7. Mini guns are also usually mounted on helicopters and other aircraft and the stupid high fire rate is good for that application since you have a small window of opportunity to shoot at the target since the aircraft is often moving very quickly and if you can maximize the amount of lead sprayed at the target you are more likely to score a hit. Ammo is also a lot easier to produce now vs then because of all the technological advancements we have made.

  8. Yeah I was just making a joke about how ridiculous our military spending is lol. In reality they probably aren't wasting any of it. Someone is probably pocketing it lol.

  9. There’s corruption everywhere but at least most of the US taxpayer money makes it where it needs to. Unlike Russia where all their defense money went to generals pockets instead of maintenance lol.

  10. I wouldn't be so sure about the US. I read this article earlier which is what made me think to post my original comment lol.

  11. Must be old too, because theyve been doing all day breakfast for several years now

  12. Yeah when Bill Burr originally told the joke it was around when they started doing all day breakfast. He was basically saying that's what they should've said instead of serving breakfast all day. The paper is a word for word copy of his rant.

  13. Something tells me this is fake. Like the top right corner of the paper.

  14. Wait, darth vaders helmet has conveniently broken on only one side of his face twice now?

  15. Believe it or not, anon actually argued with the most logical Twitter user here.

  16. Another human comes They have a gun They shoot me Be human with a gun

  17. After I shoot this kid, I see a blinding light on the horizon and watch everything I've ever known be vaporized until the light reaches and consumes me.

  18. A contract to be in a movie is a promise man. To you Sony, a promise means nothing but to me it's serious.

  19. I know I saw you vent- DON’T LIE TO ME, JIMMY!

  20. Or you could use breed or reproduce, you will sound like a robot but for at least you won't say a bad word

  21. Sex is a noun and the words you gave are verbs. Intercourse would be a better substitute.

  22. Anyone who shows bigotry to people based on their nationality … and French people

  23. every Monday is an alcohol free open mic night at Muse meridian center 6pm $5 entry for the whole night. 301 s meridian. live bands, dancers, singers, etc Come hang out with us.

  24. Oh wow that's really close to me. I'll check that out on Monday. They doing one this Monday or skipping it for the fourth?

  25. If you're into Warhammer or the Magic: The Gathering scene or (apparently) X-Wing Figurines then Hero's Complex will hold tournaments from time to time. They've been pretty good about keeping their Facebook up to date in the past. If you're interested in TTRPGs you can pick up physical D&D 5e books and select other system books here too.

  26. Did Headshots change their rules? Last time I went with my friends from back home they had a 21+ requirement and that was before midnight.

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