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  1. That can't be Boba's ship. His is the Slave 1. This is just "Firespray Gunship".

  2. First card looked good and then the power creep shot up hardcore

  3. After the first attack the remaining bodies move to be in contact with Luke. He isn't done with them until he says he's done with them.

  4. Army painter superglue is amazing for resin prints.

  5. The stls are from imperial terrain I added the rocks with modge podge and sand and rock.

  6. That clone on the right is looking right at me and I don't like it.

  7. I sound like such an internet grandpa, but can you explain to me how patreon works? What would the benefit be to adding a subscription payment be?

  8. Your not adding. You are subscribing to their new content and get it for just the cost of the subscription. The only con is that they dictate what you get each month. But it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a-la-cart

  9. So one thing a month would be discounted basically? The new item of the month kind of deal?

  10. It's more than one item usually. For example skull forge (my favorite) does a squad and two héros à month for apprentice tier. For a couple of more bucks you get a heavy or support model as well. Then he drops randoms at the mid-month based on his whims.

  11. Thinner is better. The models have amazing details and the best way to take advantage of them is with thin coats. One thin layer of primer (stomies love white scar) and thin layers of paint. Use paint thinner or simply water to thin your paints down. Just enough where it flows smoothly off your brush. If you make a mistake try to wipe it off instead of painting over it. Especially with darker colors that tend to bleed through lighter colors. Master drybrushing to hit edges with just the right amount of color to make things pop. Your color selection is excellent you just need less of it.

  12. Are we talking resin stl models for printing? Terrain? Stls of terrain? I'm interested.

  13. Oh my God, Baby Yoda's got a gun!

  14. Sing to the tune of Jamie's got a gun by Aerosmith

  15. Imagine how many other tech companies are waiting to poach these employees.

  16. What the fuck is a salaried employee in the US? A slave? Where I live you get your salary and you are obliged to work 35 to 40 hours a week. If you have to work more, you get paid overtime on an hourly base, easy as that. Wtf

  17. Ah, thanks for correcting me... wonder what comes with double sided shield tokens, or if my memory just made that up.

  18. Shadow collective, gar Saxon, and mandalorian super commandos have the double sided shield tokens. Find someone who has a lot of units (like meeee!) and chances are they have more shield tokens than can be legally run. (thanks aa5, Sabine, iden, etc).

  19. The super commando shields do not have an inactive side.

  20. Right. They should, but it's a misprint. That's what I am saying.

  21. When you swing around a weapon as heavy as that you tend to put on a few pounds of muscle.

  22. To Do: thinking of spraying the in-game trays black for a suitably space aesthetic, leaving the setup trays white.

  23. Spray the setup trays black and the in-game trays with lead belcher or other dark metal color. give it a real star wars vibe.

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