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  1. I just started posting some content as well. It's more for the casual viewer/player

  2. I cant thank my mom enough for cheering me on from the side of the mat

  3. wait wait... starbucks is gonna give out handjobs O_O

  4. Always have been. It’s on the secret menu - venti mocha handy w/extra foam and “sprinkles”. Do the air-quotes on sprinkles so they know what you mean, then tap your forehead twice and wink with your left eye. Do NOT wink with the right eye.

  5. lmao they'd be like "call the paramedics, I think this man is having a seizure"

  6. well hey, maybe somebody didn't know 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. man I was in jail with a dude who had a ton of 1488 tattoos and the whole commandments on his entire back. I am mixed black and white and asked the guards not to put me in that cell block... they did lmao

  8. whats that face all drumline members have when they play? lol seriously asking,

  9. Good Coyote! Strays cause trouble and are messing up the ecosystem.

  10. jesus. I am watching from the beginning and wow has the time passed. they look so much older here, except Dee

  11. most billionaires are like they are portrayed in the Glass Onion movie. Just a manipulative man with money getting others to do the work for him, no matter the cost, like look at Edison. I think there's some really rich folks who do good, like Eminem has and how Kid Rock has for their state. Akon brought electricity and water to African villages. If you grew up in the muck you more than likely want to help others out of it.

  12. I like the grinder method or the torching it method lol

  13. we should all watch how the bills and acts they push so hard benefit their wallets and investments too

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