1. That’s awesome I’d love to see it at the bottom of a river or in the side of a mountain

  2. With the creeper being an iconic mob, it just doesnt feel right without that signature face.

  3. Electrified isn't really a problem. With Iron Hide Amulet it tickles, especially if you have 35% reduction armor reducing the halved damage by another 21.2%. And with Guarding Strike active too, you're lucky to see your health bar move.

  4. This armor cancels out thorns and electified mobs, is super effective against deflect, greatly reduces double damage mobs, and has food reserves for needed heal time. The armor itself has 35% damage reduction plus potion barrier for all its defense, aswell as -40% potion cooldown to quickly get potion barrier and food reserves. Pair this with the deathcap mushroom and a double axe and you are a true beserker!

  5. They promised to stick with the game post launch, they've done an update or patch every 3 months at least, and they're still making stuff. I doubt it. Edit: it's also been only 2 years. It hasn't been a while

  6. True. But anything could happen. For instance Vanguard hasnt even been released for a year yet and it already seems dead....🤢

  7. Vanguard is the skeleton guards with the spears.

  8. And i thought my 5x5 hut was nice😔 Take it. Take the crown. You Win

  9. Man if only this game was still in its prime. This would get atleast a million views no doubt. Nice!

  10. I have a batmobile gang. It consists of two cars and now im broke.🙃

  11. What if he just Inhaled ALL of the bull shark testosterone? Taking all those shots, running across the battlefield, yelling the entire way.

  12. Go off radar and get an aircraft. Tanks are laughably bad.

  13. Not when ur dumb and cant manage to think of going off radar. 😔 man im stupid.

  14. Is it just me or? Your char looks like amber heard

  15. I'll find a good comback to the 7 people who keep asking the same damn question someday. In the meantime, keep not giving a shit.

  16. I thought it was a futuristic masterbater and didnt ask anything else of it.

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