1. Fun factor is Spider-Man. Best overall is probably TLOU. Most polished is GOW. Most classic is Uncharted.

  2. She said people who menstruate are women. That's it. Just stated reality and made the Twitter basket cases mad.

  3. That’s not it at all, you’re either woefully uninformed or being deliberately disingenuous. She’s both personally and financially active in a number of anti lgbt hate campaigns.

  4. I got downvoted too. Apparently the PlayStation sub is pretty transphobic. Who woulda thunk?

  5. Almost constantly. I wash whenever the basket is full. So like 3 times a week I do a load

  6. So I’m going to have to bring my tv from work home once a month to keep Netflix? I’m the only person that uses my Netflix. The netflix that I pay for is only for me… and that’s not good enough? Lol. God I hope they lose so many people that they’re forced to go back.

  7. Ok this is the best answer. Wish I had an award for you.

  8. Probably because the majority have never actually watched/listened to an episode. He's had some great ones like with Michio Kaku and Brian Greene. Love when physicists just get to talk, entertaining as hell.

  9. I only listen when people like Brian Cox or Michio Kaku are on. It’s annoying because he asks questions that are surface level, but I love me some Brian Cox.

  10. That’s funny. I’m the opposite. I don’t agree with much of what he says, but I don’t think he’s racist or sexist. Honestly it’s not even what he says that I disagree with for the most part. It’s how he interacts with guests who blatantly lie to his face lol.

  11. I’ve been with the same girl since I was 13. I’m 25 now. I know I have a rare perspective, but I don’t think relationships are pointless at all. If you find the right person, then you literally have a second half. Pretty much everything is easier. Bills, travel, owning a business, having pets, purchases (car, house, etc.), etc.

  12. When I saw Black flag was number one I just rolled my eyes, when I saw the margin it won by I damn near choked with laughter.

  13. That’s crazy. I see black flag as the last game before they sold out lol.

  14. I’m In the M&S grandfathered poors $1 tier inshallah.

  15. “It’s my birthday” and “surprise me” feel like they shouldn’t be on this list. I used to serve alcohol and surprise me was always fun to me and “it’s my birthday” should just get a “ohh happy birthday!” And MAYBE a free shot lol

  16. I think that makes it less cool. Lol imagine being the number that’s always used because we cannnttt quiiite get to 10

  17. In a different context this could have been funny lol. “Who cares” can be hilarious

  18. I only know this podcast peripherally, so yes. Big fucking rock 😆

  19. Americans have been the best in this world and I think it’s the most amazing country ever and they have a great history with their music but I think it’s just the most amazing and I don’t think it’s a great song to listen and it’s a good one for the soul and I don’t know why people don’t listen and it’s just a good one and it’s so beautiful to see them live and live and live in a beautiful place like that it’s like the best country and it feels so much better and more of the best place for me and the world to be I think I would like it to live and live here I love you so I think I am very proud to live in a wonderful country I am very grateful to have you and I’m very grateful to have a great country I love the world and I’m very thankful to be a wonderful place and I’m very proud to have a great place and I’m happy for me and I’m very excited for the future I love the people I am

  20. This is where I spend most of my time at this point. Idk what it is about polls but they’re addictive. It’s the only sub that I’ll accidentally spend 30 minutes on the toilet because of. Good job

  21. Yeah same, like I don't care about the clutter, I just hate that every sub I join sends me one and it feels like spam at this point

  22. Imo it shows that the sub is somewhat professional. But I own a 15k sub and I don’t do it because I didn’t want to burden people with clearing a message so I get it lol

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