1. I wonder if Mihoyo (Hoyoverse) collab with Ultraman (Tsuburaya), that will be cool.

  2. Sauce: Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan. Warning, the picture above is completely and utterly edited

  3. I love how you include Ultraman Ribut ...it is one of coolest moment in Ultraman Trigger

  4. My favourite among all of em is Gaia, you should make or design Gaia supreme cause I’m interested how you will design emmm… but love your and your friend design thanks

  5. We might but we kinda busy with other projects that we had working on but I'm happy you like them

  6. Im guessing Legion is your way of making new gen Cosmos and Justice

  7. Yup. Claris and Judge is Legion's final form in which he's separate into two. Also we don't have time to develop them so..

  8. There you are! I downloaded it here on reddit a while ago

  9. I just found this randomly. Shout out to someone who making this

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