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  1. Flicking in flat cars is so ridiculously satisfying. I'm an octane main, but goddamn do some of the flat cars boom a flick

  2. Hey, just curious - do you play on wifi or on Ethernet? Do you have your region in game set to recommended?

  3. You guys know that the fans don’t have to take every quote as slights against you guys right?

  4. Reporter really worked hard to be a jerk here. "Why weren't you prepared for something that's never happened before" is a pretty ridiculous question.

  5. I live down near Dunkirk. The amount of equipment they had parked down here the day before the storm to handle the damage was astonishing. It's not like they were just sitting around doing nothing.

  6. Would love to see Dunkirk get a revival, but I don't see how they do when shoplifting is so bad that Walgreens shut down and the rumor is Dollar General is going to be next. There's a ridiculous drug problem and if you're anywhere around 4th st, there's just needles everywhere. It's such a shame

  7. Do the Bengals not realize they're also selling tickets for the AFC championship game? Such a weird thing to have a chip about

  8. He torched the Bills once on Thanksgiving and that's how I knew he was clearly going to be the next top wide receiver in the league. I don't know if it's possible to be more wrong than that.

  9. Itd be a real fuckin shame if he wasn't also throwing for 300+ yards and multiple touchdowns.

  10. Wait why orange? Are they not rooting for Buffalo? Lol

  11. Probably just a good will gesture. They light the falls different colors for all sorts of things

  12. I do not want any more stories about Zach Wilson, Quarterback. I am 100% ready to hear more stories about Zach Wilson, Milf Hunter extraordinaire.

  13. I heard on the Rich Eisen show there's a new chow called Milf Manor. Didn't realize Zach had already moved on

  14. Cowboys could win the superbowl and Eagles fans would still be calling them frauds lol

  15. That Dahlin to Cozens pass to win in OT on Ryan Miller night is going to be one of the top Sabres highlights of the year. It has no business being that good.

  16. Tage is going nuts there. Buffalo still in 5th place but isn't putrid as they have been in past years.

  17. Someone as tall as Tage isn't supposed to be that agile. It's amazing to watch. We've also been struggling the last few games so it's great to see a win instead of finding ways to lose

  18. The Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Junior isn’t talked about enough. Every now and then I’ll think about it and it never fails to blow my mind that it’s an actual movie.

  19. This movie is the pinnacle of WTF movies. You have Arnold, you have Danny Devito. And they're having a baby. All time classic

  20. Taiwan Jones is a special teams stud. Rarely ever sees time on the offense, but he's a special teams captain

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