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  1. Either 2003-2005 in San Carlos, CA or 2017-2020 in RI. There was the most amazing little thrift store in San Carlos that apparently had no one who knew vintage at all so everything was way under priced. And my local place in RI was amazing until they got a super savvy pricer and every shopper became a reseller instead of a collector.

  2. The bagged avocados are often smaller than the single ones. They might be less expensive by piece but more expensive by weight. Regular singles are 48 to the case, the smaller size are 72 to the case. Check them side to side next time and you might not buy the bagged ones anymore.

  3. But they’re great if you want smaller avocados that you eat all at once after opening them, rather than storing part of an avocado (you may forget) in the fridge. So less food waste but more plastic waste (possibly, just because you don’t see the plastic doesn’t mean it wasn’t present during transportation.)

  4. That’s the battle right there. But at my house we never have an avocado go to waste because my son and I will fight for the last bite, lol.

  5. Ha, I'm the opposite. I absolutely reek if I have armpit hair and when it gets long it gets pulled on by my skin, especially when I'm sweaty.

  6. Same. I have to shave under my arms or it gets so stinky. I only shave my legs about four times a year though and never above the knee. I have been (blessed?) with very little body hair though.

  7. I don't even have hair above my knees, it just doesn't grow there for some reason. The only leg hair I have is a little bit on my shins, but even that is sparse (as in, I could pluck out all the hairs with a pair of tweezers while watching an episode of something on TV kind of sparse lol). It's just not even worth shaving anymore! But I do have my pits because it stinks otherwise, and it helps my deodorant stick to my skin. I also trim my pubes with an electric razor, but I stopped shaving there because I got tired of ingrown hairs downstairs lol

  8. You are me. I’m so close to just plucking my few knee and calf hairs. No arm hair, no thigh hair, also no eyebrows (unfortunately). Only trim the pubes during swimsuit season.

  9. My husband and I make approximately $105k a year and our complete mortgage is $1347 a month. I would absolutely not feel comfortable paying 3k a month at our income level. We have had to do some large repairs; roof, plumbing, etc and we need the breathing space to save for those.

  10. It’s tomato season in much of the world so what is up with those pasty slices?

  11. I got several items done on my never ending todo list and I feel really great about it.

  12. I tip people who are delivering food, supplies or goods to my home. I don’t the plumber or similar service people because I’m paying them a negotiated fee. I also tip at a full service gas station. I’m in the service industry and no lots of people who live off their tips.

  13. My dad was a “never met a stranger” kinda guy. Man made friends with randoms while we were on family vacations when I was a child, they’d end the mini friendship by exchanging addresses and Christmas cards for a couple years after.

  14. I learned that same move from my former father in law! He was so outgoing and never met anyone he couldn’t relate to. We went to an Oakland raiders game once and here was this super preppy khakis and a pink polo shirt, loafers no sock wearing man sitting smack dab in the middle of the meanest biker Raiders fans and in five minutes they are all trying to buy him beers and snacks. I’ve tried to channel his vivacity and spirit whenever I’m in a new people situation and it’s worked wonders for me!

  15. I tell him how awesome he is, how sexy he is and how he is the best looking man in the universe every day. I occasionally tell him he that he is really funny but not too often so that he doesn’t start thinking he’s a comedian.

  16. My now husband used to tease me about liking my days planned out, but with a weird work schedule and a then young child that I shared custody with, it only made sense. So I started to pencil in spontaneous time into my days off. He still teased me but it was so worth it because I felt like I could actually be spontaneous during the allotted time period. Years later and I still like to plan my days/weeks and I still pencil in spontaneous time.

  17. That cupboard is the star, everything else should revolve around it. Don’t paint that lovely wood.

  18. I mean the state beach is massive and consistently fills up to max capacity. As do both town beaches, as well as all the other pay to park lots along the strip. The area is absolutely jammed much of summer.

  19. Watch Hill has a public restroom by the carousel. I haven’t been in the mens room but the ladies has four stalls. Parking is available for pay or on the street. If you go off hours like before 9am or after 4:30 there is plenty of street parking.

  20. Right but zero infrastructure down by the beach. I don’t even think there are trash cans down there

  21. RI beaches don’t have trash cans. Pack in/pack out honor system. Admittedly doesn’t work very well. I don’t mind the lack of infrastructure in Watch Hill, the beaches are beautiful and perfect for walking and not as crazy busy as the Misquamicut beaches. There is a visitor for each and I’ve enjoyed all the beach options. When my child was small I had beach passes for State beach or the Town beaches because I wanted/needed more facilities but as my child grew we were able to forgo the conveniences for the less busy beaches.

  22. I had my one and only at 33. So glad I waited! His dad and I had so much fun and traveled a lot. I also owned a business for five years prior to that so it was basically my first baby.

  23. Daffodils seem to work really well for me. I plant a ton of early, mid and late daffodil bulbs in my gardens and they keep the deer away long enough to let my plants fill in. The deer still come and nibble but at least the plants have a fighting chance because of the daffodils.

  24. Explode and Make Up by Sugar. I heard it when a relationship was entering its end times and almost 30 years later is still breaks me every time.

  25. I get mice every autumn. We have looked for holes and entrances and plugged the ones I’ve found. They still come in. Our cat takes care of the problem. She is a very efficient mouser. We don’t let her outside for fear of her serial killer ways.

  26. I grew up in CT, lived in SF Bay Area for a decade and then moved to RI. I love it here. Even 17 years later I’m still finding cool places to go and things to do. Lots of farms, good food, beaches and hikes. Everything is close by so you can do 1/2 day trips easily. And did I mention the myriad regional foods? Del’s, stuffies, NY Systems, Soupy and so much more!

  27. I make the coffee and my husband makes us breakfast. I’m a professional chef so having someone I love make me the gift of a meal each day makes me feel so loved. It’s the best part of my day.

  28. Green, 3 prints but two would be even better to give the wall some breathing room.

  29. I have 11 rentals across southern atlanta and I have never raised rent on anyone, in 12 years of owning them, if they sign a new lease. I only raise rents after people move out completely and am getting a new tenant. I have even offered the same rent if the person moving out knows or finds someone qualified. My own costs havent gone up significantly other than property taxes but I just write those off.

  30. Thank you for that. Before we bought our home our landlord of seven years never raised our rent. She never really fixed anything either but because of the stabilized rent we were able to save for our own home.

  31. At my local grocery store, the dog food is sorted cheapest on the left, increasing as it goes to the right. With the rise in prices, my dog got bumped from the far right to a little bit to the right of the middle. Thankfully he didn't mind and was actually so excited by a new food at dinner time he acted like he was king of the house for a solid week lol

  32. Our dog food went up $7 a case overnight. We were already in the middle. I’ve been trying to purchase extras of cat and dog food to keep it at the lower price but they are so often out that I’m lucky to even get any, let alone enough to stockpile.

  33. Chef here. We don’t wear chef coats so I made my own uniform so I don’t have to think about clothes. I’m often out front seeing guests so I make sure that my hair is in a smooth bun, mascara, brown eyeshadow as liner and a little highlighter to brighten my eyes (so I don’t look so exhausted lol).

  34. My wife and I have noticed this as well. I garden and have been having a tough time over the last few years getting the start of the season right. It’s either to hot or cold or rains too much. This season, later start and not much rain. Also, my crops last almost until the end of October. It’s definitely off.

  35. I feel the same. It’s so hard to time planting now and I’m getting harvests until the end October as well. I’ve also had to do way more mulching because we seem to be going so long between rains during the summer.

  36. Gas grill, camping stoves, stored water. Lots of fuel and two full propane tanks for the grill.

  37. My super outgoing son loved daycare! I’m happiest at home or at work with people I know so daycare let him have lots of socializing and friends, some of which he is entering senior year with!

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