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  1. I will gladly take the Dolby room's "look how cool our screen is" which, while embellished, at least is trying to be cool from a reasonable position. Way fucking better than Nicole Kidman saying "somehow, heart break feels good in a place like this" set over fucking Creed of all movies. God if I never see that opening again...

  2. SNL did a short mocking that Kidman ad tonight.

  3. I feel like (if I remember correctly) Justin was on the phone after he arrived at the house, he asked her if they had rented it out lately and the woman said something about how the place hadn’t been rented out in a couple weeks. I could definitely be misremembering, but I think that was mentioned because I was thinking that the last renters might come into play at some point (caged up or in the love pit or whatever)

  4. She said a couple or a few. I definitely remember thinking “OK, so they’ve been down there 2 weeks or so.”

  5. Can’t wait for the inevitable “tHeY gOt WoKe, ThEy WeNt BrOkE”

  6. I actually saw that comment online already, but I can’t remember where. Might’ve been on one of the Reddit ads for it.

  7. I’m fairly certain it’s wrong, but thought it was still worth a shot!

  8. It's the last piece of Original programming they have. The only other show they have is Norah from Queens. Cable is truly dying.

  9. South Park is being released to paramount+ or will be only there soon.

  10. That’s just for streaming rights. Comedy Central will still be airing new episodes.

  11. Okay, so, I guess I can admit a couple things:

  12. But does it FEEL like a movie. Has anyone consulted with Harry Styles on this?

  13. Tatyana Ali is so gorgeous and fun, loved watching her. Mark was great and I loveee him on Hacks.

  14. Brian Littrell was tweeting about joining Parler when it first started. I so wonder what he thinks about this (but I’m sure my hypothesis is right on the money).

  15. He’s the one who sang a lot of the leads. He’s the other basic white boy that’s not Nick Carter. 😂😂

  16. I’d say Niall actually. Liam has an incredible voice but Niall has come a long way vocally and I think is the best lyricist to come out of 1d.

  17. I really wasn’t a 1D fan, except for a few songs, but I LOVE Niall’s solo work. Heartbreak Weather is one of those “no skips” albums for me.

  18. For me the middle aged actresses who are still standing despite battling orc faced demons (ie Harvey) they deserve some good parts (if they want)!

  19. I think women will be turned off by her and this movie and they are the ones that support female actors once they are past 35. Most of her past roles are very male gaze-y anyway. A lot of them are these fantasy girl types who look hot and/or get naked.

  20. I’m so hoping we get a romcom comeback. I want romcoms and erotic thrillers to make a major comeback. Or maybe I just miss the 90s.

  21. I’m referring to the genre as a whole. We really haven’t had consistent, mainstream romcoms in awhile.

  22. Yay, thank you! That's super helpful :) I've always wondered if I'd like the Hitachi... I've been meaning to give it a try!

  23. If the hitachi is too strong, you can also buy a dimmer cord (you can get them from Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.), and use it to lower/increase the speed as well!

  24. My generations was Jim Breuer....

  25. Kev is a very progressive feminist, and I can’t imagine as much influence as he’s had on Mewes that it hasn’t rubbed off some.

  26. You can see when ge talks his mouth isn't right as he had to have whole new gnashers put in; but im glad he's doing well and he seems like a good father.

  27. During a Clerks 3 special feature, someone (I THINK Rosario Dawson spoke emphatically about what a great father he is. It was so heart warming to hear.

  28. whoa whoa wait i don't remember the word miscarriage mentioned once when it came to the mayors baby. i thought the plot was his wife thought she pregnant but it just turned out to be a false positive. they were both relieved cause they didn't want another kid.

  29. We’re to deduce that happened between those 2 events.

  30. Hasn’t she said that she thinks monogamy is overrated/not realistic? I suspect they have an arrangement of sorts.

  31. Colin,.if she doesn't want you, I do! There's dozens of us! Dozens!

  32. I’d be willing to even sister wife it, because a little of Colin’s gotta be better than all of most of these assholes I’m meeting on apps!

  33. I’m wondering if they’re also including Julie & Emily. Not sure who 4 would be though? Mona? But those weren’t really Rachel’s fault.

  34. Not exactly the realm of pop culture we talk about much, but Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

  35. I’ve seen his whole early run up to and including North. Is ANYthing past that worth checking out?

  36. The American President & The Bucket List aren’t a complete waste of time, but I haven’t seen either in years, so I can’t vouch for how well they’ve held up.

  37. I adored 'Love' on Netflix but it doesn't feel nearly like an old school Apatow comedy.

  38. I think that was really more Arfin & Rust’s vision than Apatow’s though.

  39. “I’ve got a City Love, I found it in Lydia…”

  40. (Looking at a picture of Tag) “Wo-how-wow.”

  41. did his username hint to him being bearded and chubby....

  42. Count me in on that one as well! The second I saw those comments I knew we had to be talking about the same person.

  43. I don't remember, on covid era Millionaire, how helpful was Kimmel with the Ask the Host lifelines?

  44. He was helpful on anything pop culture or current event related. Pretty much anything that would’ve been joked about in a monologue, he was solid on.

  45. I've always wondered if some pups just do stuff like this on their own, or were trained. Adorable either way, but I'd like to know.

  46. My dog has the absolute pranciest walk I’ve ever seen (others have commented on it too). I can promise you she wasn’t trained to do that (she’s been with me since she was a puppy), she just knows she’s adorable and wants to make sure the whole world knows too.

  47. I know you’re joking but almost all of the problems men routinely complain about in those communities could be solved by making an actual effort like most women do. Showering and wearing clean clothes is zero effort. I spend time doing my hair, makeup, dressing cute and wearing jewelry EVERY time I leave the house. Most men make barely any effort whatsoever and expect us to be drooling over them.

  48. And if you don’t do those things, you get asked “are you feeling OK?” Because any time we leave without makeup, we appear sick to the outside world.

  49. My friend and I were talking about it, and with the bots, advertisements, and incels doing “experiments” posing as women, the actual profiles who are women seeking dates can’t be more than 5-10% at any given time. I bet the amount of time women have a profile is decreasing as well. Like, the amount of time between a women signing up and deleting her profile is probably shorter than it’s ever been, and it’s not because she found a boyfriend.

  50. I redownloaded it for the first time in years this month. I’ve already deleted it. I’m bi, and almost all of the women were there on behalf of their relationship looking for a third, and I couldn’t even have a conversation with the men without them immediately acting like horny teenage boys.

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