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  1. they are not comparable, but what is comparable is the rate at which something goes to infinity (or to 0). look at it this way: since 5 > 2, 5^x goes to infinity "faster" than 2^x, so it wins and the result is infinity.

  2. Really nice explanation!Its kind of hard to grasp the definition of infinity,

  3. Εγώ θα σταθώ μόνο στο θέμα του φύλου που αναφέρεις. Μπαίνεις σε ένα πολύ δύσκολο τρυπάκι που πιθανόν να μετανιώσεις. Μην κάνεις τίποτα αν δεν είσαι 100% σίγουρ@ ότι όντως έχεις δυσφορία φύλου και δεν σου συμβαίνει κάτι άλλο.

  4. Eχω ήδη συμβουλευτεί ψυχολόγο και κάνω ψυχοθερπεία εδώ και 6 μήνες και η στάση μου προς το θέμα δεν εχει αλλάξει

  5. παρε απαλλαγη σχολης (ακομα και εαν δεν πατησεις). Αυτο θα σε καλυψει για 8ετεια.

  6. To θέμα είναι πως πρέπει να αφήσω ένα σημαντικό κομμάτι της επαγγελματικής μου σταδιοδρομίας στα χέρια της ελπιδας οτι σε 8-10 χρονια τα πραγματα θα ειναι καλυτερα.

  7. I dont fully agree with this answers.Yes,there are some "rednecks" and people are certainly conservative,especially in villages.But to say that Cretans are aggressive and gun-crazy is a total mispresentation,at least where I am from.There are some bad apples that have shaped this image of Crete,but it is mostly false.

  8. It depends on where you are going.In most places I think it should be fine,Although I cant really tell you since I am not out yet(I live in Crete which is kind of conservative about this kind of stuff).In general people are not that well informed on lgbtq stuff so maybe avoid talking about it,but it is highly unlikely that you will get attacked even if you do.

  9. context: I was one of those edgy 13 year olds who'd go round proudly announcing that there's only 2 genders thinking he's hilarious. now a few years later and I've grown the fuck up I'm starting to learn more about myself. I have phases of thinking I'm trans and phases of telling myself I don't exist, or I'm not really trans. this has gone on for a couple years, I still don't know who I am and struggle to process these feelings.

  10. I go through it too.I still don't quite understand gender identity.I think that I want to change my gender but I don't know if I should.There is this feeling that is holding me back like what I want to do is immoral and wrong..maybe because of internalised transphobia.

  11. I feel a very similar way, it really is a complex feeling, unlike anything I've really known. I don't understand myself and I'm not sure if I ever will, but I'm trying to get therapy to try and get a grasp of my feelings. I hope it works out, and that you can find peace with yourself too :)

  12. Currently,I can't talk to a professional,I haven't even talked to my parents about it.If there is something I can do that can help me ''kill'' these feelings,before coming out it is worth,at least, considering it.

  13. I understand that you can't currently talk to a professional. However that is the only thing really that will help you in this.

  14. Thank you,I will take your words into consideration!

  15. To me it is really flattering to see someone from another country embrace my culture.The name you chose is really nice,I hope you honor it!

  16. psyche(ψυχή),actually means soul!

  17. There are online support groups out there (kind of like this subreddit) that can help lessen gender dysphoria but sadly I don't think getting long term professional help will be possible without your parents knowing.

  18. Thank you very much for your advice,I apreciate it,man.I have already joined a forum called Ditch The Label,and I believe it is helping.Things are kind of confusing rn but I will try my best to follow your advice.Again,thank you for helping me and I hope you have a good day :).

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