I am Autistic and often have a hard time processing complex things. So I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who make videos that help those of us who have trouble with the more challenging parts of video games, you really do help and I hope you please keep doing what you are doing!

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  1. Oh yeah, you're right, I forgot (💀) about this update.

  2. I'm autistic and have problems when things are too simple. I miss older challenging games made to be harder so you couldn't beat them in a single blockbuster rental.

  3. Same! I always feel that a game is demeaning me when I'm not being challenged!

  4. i dunno that article but they/rumors(?) were saying "the next game isn't gonna be a souls game". so i don't think they're working on a new sekiro.

  5. But Sekiro isn't a souls game, it's a spiritual successor to Tenchu.

  6. It’s a reference to the game Annette (the girl in the first picture) is from.

  7. challenge/quick match modifier idea: once out of ammo or R key is pressed, characters throw away their guns with strong force towards the crosshair with a small-heavy arc depending on the gun that it is, damages enemies a lot, character misteriously pulls out gun from back once done, ammo counter simplified

  8. I gotta play through Gun Mayhem again. It was so much fun. Basically Smash Bros but with guns instead of fists.

  9. Maybe more of a legendary weapon idea than an easter egg, but some sort of energy weapon where the "ammo" is infinite but the gun gets red hot really quickly and has to be "reloaded" if it doesnt have time to cool. Kind of like the Lstar from titanfall 2.

  10. My guess is that metal defensive gear couldn't disperse the mass/momentum of the bullet like modern plastic shields do.

  11. Yes! And not just that, the devs have decided to swap every weapon, texture, prefab, UI text, player and enemy models, and art with the Intervention. All the gun firing noises consists of noises from a real intervention.

  12. i wish we could bring that feedback back to when the devs replaced the aa 12 with the usas 12...

  13. He's ok, but I actually think Toad might've regressed in design a little bit. Can't get behind the nerdy "🤓" persona. I like his backpack though.

  14. Oh, I thought the early bird was the same as the rookie but it's limited to 200 only, because it said discounted game + skins. I'm confused.

  15. Oui mais j'espère il font ça pr les geng qui veux jouer sans le payer car si le campagne il sont finis est ya le mode chalenge est le mode coop PvP dlc bah tu sais si il sachet il seront tous

  16. Sky9 ne peut pas le faire car ils ont besoin de se nourrir. Ils ne font pas des jeux pour s'amuser, ils font des jeux pour gagner de l'argent pour se nourrir.

  17. There absolutely needs to be a gamemode that is Call of Duty's "Kill Confirmed" but with teabagging instead of grabbing dogtags. Teabagging confirms the kill.

  18. I love their wood/obsidian sword that I always forget how to spell. One of the coolest weapons ever, and far too rarely depicted

  19. Those obsidian shard weapons are called Macuahuitl. I think it is translated to "hand-wood".

  20. Imagine fighting Sobek. I would be so scared

  21. Imagine fighting Set. I can see him throwing bricks and oversized weapons at you from the top of one of the great pyramids while it's on fire and the sky is raining blood, turning the whole area into a darker shade of red as the fight goes on.

  22. this kid has been violating my anger intake pipes with their shitty english for a pretty long time.

  23. Don't act on that, man. Guy just has pretty bad english. It's nothing to really worry about, just means we need a little bit more effort on our part.

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