Game Thread: Buffalo Bills @ Kansas CIty Chiefs

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Playoff Game Thread: New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

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  2. It feels like a dark cloud has been lifted from my life. GO BENGALS!!!!

  3. Real talk if that hat is made by sports specialties it’s probably worth more without the signatures on it. lmao

  4. Yup it’s sports specialties. Time to go basement diving again cause my dad always bought multiples of everything

  5. Nothing to do with the current team just amazing to see how far we’ve come as a franchise

  6. Doesn’t matter Josh didn’t make the pro bowl he’ll be playing real football when that’s going in

  7. When I don’t immediately recognize some of the players on the field you know it’s a good game

  8. This is the most exciting Monday morning game I’ve ever seen

  9. The defense looks like they’re playing the jetes, I don’t know who the offense is playing

  10. Show of hands. Because this is defiantly a case of the “is the dress blue and black or white and gold”

  11. At this point just win the game. I’ll complain about everything thats happened later

  12. If I see two runs up the middle in a row on this drive I’m gonna lose it

  13. Just watched a group of Pats fans storm out of the bar Im at. FTP!

  14. UPL has been a stud especially with the work load he’s gotten so far. Also giraffe man good

  15. Drops, poor offensive play calling and the worst run defense I’ve seen all year lead to this loss. I love this team but I’m worried about how the rest of the season will play out

  16. No postgame thread so I’ll continue to vent here. We had every opportunity to win this game. I will never understand why we continue to run it up the middle and why our D will get a TFL or be gashed for 10 yards

  17. Jones completed 2 passes for 19 yards. We still gave up over 200 yards rushing. This is why I’m fucking mad

  18. Pretty sure the broncos are trying to not win. Running it down their throat all game and they decide to throw it on every key down

  19. The hard count doesn’t work if you never try to run the play

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