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  1. Steve Irwin. I was just a kid but watched hos show all the time, I loved Steve & Terri. Still heartbreaking

  2. I’m not a woman but I’m married to an awesome one. I am floored by the way some people treat her. Mechanics, carpenters, financial advisors etc. they only want to talk to the man and when they have to interact with her they treat her like an idiot. Makes me mad. Especially because she is the brains and the money manager in our relationship.

  3. I went car shopping, and specifically wanted a manual in an SUV or possibly a truck. The car salesman told me, directly to my face, that I should get an automatic because "when you're out shopping with a bunch of kids screaming in the backseat, you're going to wish you had an automatic." I went to the next dealership over & dropped cash on a manual. Fuck that guy.

  4. Snuck down the hall and hid beside the couch when I was supposed to be in bed, THREE TIMES! The Exorcist, The Omen, and American Werewolf in London. I slept with a nightlight for years! Haha!

  5. This is how I saw parts of Rose Red (Stephen King film.) Scared little me to death.

  6. Yeah I didn’t like owls for a long time after. Thanks for bringing that back.

  7. One night I was panic driving home from a friend's house (I was supposed to be back by midnight & it was 4 am, my dad was getting up for work soon.) Anyways I rounded the corner to my gravel drive and a fucking barn owl was sitting in the middle of the road. Scared the absolute shit out of me. I lived in the middle of a patch of woods, so super dark at night and owls look pretty creepy in headlights.

  8. And moose. A deer is a Chihuahua compared to a moose. They are fucking HUGE.

  9. Came here to say Moose. They don't seem to be particularly afraid of humans in my experince...terrifying horse deer.

  10. Being pregnant & giving birth. It alters the body so much, and has so many risks. Yet women do it all the time and often multiple times.

  11. You're a massive piece of shit just shut the fuck up & leave those girls alone. Living in "your house" doesn't give you the right to treat them this way or be a drunken loser around children. Why would a grown man need to be in a little girl's room in the middle of the night? Fucking creep.

  12. idk why you’re getting downvoted, just wanted to say that that’s totally valid <3

  13. i may not have the nicest approach, but im just being real. would you grow letttuce you eat in your bathroom where you SHiT??? ive worked at clean commercial facilites that have popped hot for bio contamination, but who am to try get people to see what theyre doing 🤷‍♂️😂

  14. Do you brush your teeth in the same room where you SHiT?!? 😲

  15. Only listened once but my current opinion is that this is a “fund our retirement” song. It’s bland and sounds exactly like BMTH in a lot of their newer songs. I’m glad the guys are still around but this was kinda disappointing overall, but at the same time I’m not surprised. They’re a much bigger band now than they used to be and are pretty mainstream in the radio rock scene, so they’re appealing to their new audience and funding their retirement. I’m glad they’re still able to do what they love though.

  16. I kept thinking "Falling in Reverse." It's...not my favorite ADTR song...

  17. For the people saying this is a step up from YW…are you saying this would be the best song off the album? Idk if I’d go that far. My top 3 has always been ( no order) permanent, last chance and resentment. I think Miracle slides in nicely with that group but I don’t think it’s definitively better than those 3.

  18. Those are probably my top 3 from the album too. Resentment is top 5 all time for me.

  19. The girlfriend's trip length had nothing to do with him dying. They suspect electrocution or alcoholism to be his cause of death. Whichever one, it was a total freak occurrence for him to die then. Even freakier that if not for neighbors he would've been there until the girlfriend arrived.

  20. It's wild to me that he's so intact. If I died in a home like that where I'm from animals would have destroyed my body & taken parts of me away.

  21. My 10 year old sang “Remember Me” from Coco at my fathers funeral. The end of that movie was already an onion cutter, but now sugar skulls make me ugly cry.

  22. Absolutely love that movie, seen it over 10x and still she'd tears at the end. I can't make it stop.

  23. Either the goddess or my self. Also a goddess.

  24. God I would love an episode where everyone finds out how much bank Pam and Cheryl are making from OF, only to slowly realize everyone else has one too. Only Archer and Lana don't and both begin to wonder if they should. Archer decides he should, then stumbles across his mothers.

  25. I feel Sterling Archer himself would have an only fans which he would give way too much information about his missions on and his enemies would actively follow.

  26. Or he'd be signing up for his own account and stumble upon Mallory's. She's still got it!

  27. Have you tried both, cuz some girls say they see a difference

  28. I fucking love both songs so much. Bad Vibrations is my second choice only because sticks & bricks is my all time favorite ADTR song. Bad Vibes is an underrated track in general imo, wish they’d play it live again

  29. My 3 year old is obsessed with Sticks & Bricks. Starting to actually get sick of it hearing it all the time, but it makes her so happy. ;_;

  30. 2012 is so theatrical & the lyrics are amazing. Guaranteed to get me pumped up.

  31. The worst is probably Thor 2, but my least favorite is MoM, it’s the first MCU thing I’ve disliked and felt empty after watching.

  32. Agreed. I haven't gotten around to watch Morbious yet but MoM was a massive letdown for me. Still hurts since Dr. Strange is one of my favorites.

  33. Carrots or bell peppers. My husband thinks it's weird that I'll just snack on them throughout the day but they're the only foods I never get tired of.

  34. For me personally, yes. I wonder how many times shes done this

  35. Why does it matter how many times she's hooked up on the first date? Not attacking just genuinely curious about your thoughts on the subject.

  36. To me, I feel the bar should be higher than one date to give your body entirely to a person. Call me old fashioned (or a bigot as is the 2022 equivalent apparently).

  37. I don't feel sexual attraction to a person unless I have a connection to them, so hookups aren't really my Forte. I feel like this limits me in terms of dating because so many guys have broken things off because I wasn't ready for sex. I feel your pain.

  38. I live where it can be close to 110 (and at times 120) during the day, but I open my house almost every night to get fresh air and cool it off naturally. I would rather open my house than run my air. Though there are a few nights each summer where it never cools off enough to do this, otherwise we do it most nights.

  39. Not allowing fresh air into your home. Especially your bedroom. Stagnant air grosses me out.

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