Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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  1. I can’t be the only one who found Godskin Duo to be kind of easy? No way are they up there as one of the hardest in the whole franchise

  2. I envy you, so many second hand game shops charge ridiculous prices for ‘classic’ games, it’s so hard to get your hands on old games now, I miss the late 2000/2010 era in that regard

  3. Not sure where you are located but in Chattanooga, TN prices at comic book stores haven’t inflated as much as online retailers. At this specific store called InfinityFlux they had some rare ps2 games around the same price

  4. Seeing these posts is sending my hype through the ceiling

  5. I liked what I saw but alarms started going off when Todd talked about the size of the game. The worlds looked a little underwhelming and giving you 1000 planets is cool and all but most of those will probably be very desolate

  6. I rolled my eyes so hard when Todd talked about the size. Most of those planets are going to be totally empty and copy and pasted

  7. It’s a tossup between Friede, Malenia and Maria

  8. The Disney management of Star Wars has killed my love of the franchise. I was excited to see something slightly more bleak considering the last time we saw Obi-Wan was after a facist uprising that resulted in the mass genocide of the Jedi order but yeah let’s make it an uplifting story! So over Kathleen Kennedy’s need to make Star Wars on the exact tone of Marvel.

  9. Braves fan here, I’m stunned he hasn’t been locked down by us yet but at the same time he does have those hometown ties to you guys. The big thing in the Braves favor is that Morosi is the only one reporting it for now.

  10. I really liked the twist with Martha being an Arkham. That can play out really well for the future if they choose to do something like Court of Owls.

  11. If you want I can DM you pictures of the pages

  12. I’m going to get an Imgur link and I’ll dm everyone later today

  13. I heard it’s like Saw in parts. Is that the case? Asking because I have a very squeamish/bad at handling that kind of suspense wife that wants to go see it and I want to prepare her if it’s in there lol

  14. At times yes but it’s brief. Would compare it more to Seven.

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