1. And with nnn gone, lds being a restrictive shithole looks like this sub is finally gone too.

  2. Good bootlick good boy. Daddy ggg will give you a pat on the head.

  3. Jso is just a convenient excuse to further curb our civil liberties, the gov and the police force fully support them.

  4. Yeah, sure it is. And long, medium and short covid are real. Vaccines are safe and effective. And masks work.

  5. Jewels, double the cost for half the benefits. This is a buff.

  6. They have admitted to 5 so far, so bets on how many there really are?

  7. Extreme fishing league with a global score board of the biggest catch.

  8. Welcome to the UK. Our "legal" system is a lot like our parliament, police force and NHS.

  9. Seeing a video like this on Reddit in "current year" fills my heart with warmth, pride and childlike joy.

  10. Because as "the most popular president in American history" proves, voting doesn't matter. They will never win a sodding thing.

  11. Unfortunately knowing the biggest threat to Wales. He's probably going to go on another vax crusade and lockdown again.

  12. Oh good, it wasn't just me. I was wondering what was going on first was it my net, then the vpn.

  13. I get the point of people saying this, like we know it's a ridiculous double standard. But you do know that it isn't really a feasible option for people who aren't vaccinated who just want to visit, right?

  14. Just look at the name of one of the few surviving subreddits dedicated against lockdowns. It's named skepticism because at the time it was created you could not specifically say you were against lockdowns. Being against lockdowns was only for the "fringe minority". Some time later there were people (bots, shills?) on the sub who were arguing in defense of lockdowns, while at the same time saying they were against lockdowns.

  15. And because the jannies of lds are boot lickers of the highest order. Remember how hard they pushed the whole "vaccinate, safe and effective" line.

  16. Not American but considering what happened with "the most popular president in American history", I get the feeling it won't make a blind bit of difference at this point.

  17. Try the path of exile sub. Plenty of moaning in there, although some of it is justified (cough minions cough).

  18. No. The covidians on the other hand are a danger to any freedom loving person that wants independence over their own body.

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