[OC] Obesity rate in the United States (1985–2020)

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  1. If a private company requires a clearance, it usually means that they are a government contractor. I've spent my career avoiding those places, and have never had any shortage of opportunities.

  2. Ha! I’ve spent my entree career exclusively with government contractors.

  3. Notice how "inform" is the last of their operatives?

  4. They would also have to have some ability to unlock your iPhone.

  5. The encryption methods that even college students will use on a project are incredibly secure. You can confirm with yourself, it would take about 250 years for a supercomputer to break today's standard encryptions.

  6. I'm not sure where you pulled that number from, but I assume you are talking about if brute-force was the only method of breaking encryption.

  7. Was this before the game started? I found my seat (section 340), but I'm not there yet.

  8. I looked at each square and the question over and over. Finally realized the bottom left has two street sign type objects.

  9. I would never have gotten that. Instructions say "identical", not "similar".

  10. I’m asexual and therefore I’m attracted to it all in my own way

  11. Are there any words or phrases that are pronounced as if they are going in or out of your mouth?

  12. Did it tho? The tech for sure, but tell me what else Quake introduced that wasnt present in Doom?

  13. Seriously? I'll just pick the lowest of the hanging fruit and say a fully 3D game.

  14. I know this is an old thread, but I searched for this issue and this thread came up. I am streaming Outlander through Starz (Season 6?) and the quality is so bad. I'm streaming to a Hisense TV with Roku built in.

  15. It’s just the cars with actual keys/fobs that you need to turn to start the car, right? I have a Kia but it’s a push-button start and I’m wondering now how worried I should be.

  16. Push-button vehicles are not affected. This is only for models with actual keys that need to be inserted and turned.

  17. The federal government is literally stepping in and making stringent cuts to water allocations

  18. There are no real names. All names are made up.

  19. https://www.etymonline.com/word/jessica

  20. Seriously. I get like one a month, and I wish I knew what I ate that caused it because I’d never eat it again. Also like, how the fuck does that even happen?

  21. Foods that are high in oils and fats. Makes your poop oily and hard to wipe away.

  22. My man said the quiet part out loud

  23. It's not supposed to be quiet. There are (surprise!) health benefits to being healthy.

  24. I can cast to other rokus but not this one. It doesn’t ask for a code it just brings up this screen.

  25. When I get this, I just hit the 'cast' button on my phone again, select the same device to cast to and it will work.

  26. Yes, now go back to where you came from.

  27. It’s a made-up word, it doesn’t exist neither in the tech jargon nor in the Oxford’s dictionary. But I get the point, and actually sounds cool. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  28. Yep, a bot would say that. Just because humans say it too doesn’t mean a bot wouldn’t.

  29. No, you are not protected from these attacks via DNS filtering. The only way I've seen to protect yourself from these attacks is user education and vigilance.

  30. If you read the paper I am not sure that even vigilance and education will help as the attack is very sophisticated. In fact, you have no way to tell if there is a phishing page or not.

  31. Sure they will. A pop up window (which launches a separate browser window) will have its own taskbar icon, among other methods to detect the attack.

  32. Because fat32 can't have large files.

  33. That’s why there’s exfat. I mean, if your happy with it and it works then keep on. Just seems there are better alternatives that have a lower likelihood of causing issues.

  34. Roku doen't support exFAT, only FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, and HFS+.

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