1. It’s just not fair at this point. They’ll have all the inventory for these cards, meanwhile people are taking fat losses on their cases with little value in them.

  2. Its almost like opening product is and always has been a gamble or something.

  3. Someone’s always got to have a smart mouth on this subject. This clear ERROR is a fault in the distribution process. Endless cases have 0 starlights. Maybe the quality assurance issues that have been persisting for years at this point is to blame? It’s alos going to impact the secondary market where one seller is going to have a virtual monopoly over these cards. Can we talk about it, or is that not okay with you?

  4. From dog shit to dog water. Can’t wait to play it

  5. Turning shit to water? Sounds like Jesus's inbred cousin.

  6. The rules do not concern your opponent's effects. If you are not the player moving the cards, it doesn't count, I hoped it would be clear, but things apparently in yugioh need a dozen lines of explanation to specify every few words.

  7. The game is literally built around PSCT and chaining card effects.

  8. Have you used it to any success in end game pve? And if so do you have any advice.

  9. Endgame not so much as I honestly just don't have much fun playing Trials, but Regular crucible/iron banner you can easily drop 20-30 kills as a defensive control player.

  10. It's an honest for warriors that lets you get ANY earth warrior from grave to hand.

  11. A nice trick is getting zeus out and activating him, then chain droplet to it so he is in the gy when it activates so skill drain no longer effects him. And zeus is pretty ez to get out

  12. What is the red weather painter supposed to represent isn't there already the weather painter of sunny?

  13. Didn't even need to search it this time, just hard draw the 2 card OTK. Fuck you and I hope you step on a lego brick.

  14. As a deskbot player I wish you a very shut the fuck up

  15. NGL ban was deserved. OP was kind of a cunt.

  16. I get what you are trying to tell but saying Longyuan and Etele are one card combos is factually false lmao.

  17. P.U.N.K can literally make an end board of Baronne, Arclight and 2 negate Borrelsavage off a single E-tele.

  18. Eldlich is literally a metrosexual lich king with undead simps. Have you seen the heels he's rocking???

  19. Basically put "self-" before every tag

  20. Play go second weather painters, ive been having fun

  21. I guess i'm just an unobsevant player because i've been playing since D1 but never noticed this little aesthetic detail at all.

  22. There ARE some useless cards in Yugi's grandpas deck.

  23. Eldlitch is such an interesting and small engine it's so unfair that the most effective way to use it is vomiting all floodgates you can

  24. "Using floodgates against eldlich is mean"

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