1. So Subaru's death and resurrection and his sysphian punishment are one and the same.

  2. Remember that Subaru has not yet reached the position of the messiah in its entirety and it will probably be the very end of his character's development (gathering all the authorities and becoming a human being as mentioned by the author). If I am not mistaken Subaru is now growing out of the hero / knight position and into the politician / leader position. After he becomes one, he will begin to enter the last phase of the sage, which is to save the world (Hoshin mentioned in a side story that Flugel's team had just the goal of saving the world). So the ultimate salvation made by Subaru will probably be the whole world.

  3. I know he said he doesn't want to be remembered after he dies but at this point I think it's extremely unlikely he gets that wish fulfilled

  4. Well ... There is one tool that is great for obliterating someone from everyone's mind: gluttony authority, and as far as we know, Flugel probably used it to rewrite his achievements on Hoshin and Shaula.

  5. The second thing. Subaru has been transferred to another reality, and the only point he can relate to in such a situation is anime, manga, etc. So he tries to look for similarities from stories he read.

  6. For me, the perfect summary of Subaru's behavior in this episode is a quote from Bloodborne: Acts of goodness are not always wise, and acts of evil are not always foolish, but regardless, we shall always strive to be good.

  7. I think that goes for Crusch a lot more than that for Subaru. Subaru only lost one year (quite important, but still) and its new personality was formed within days. Crusch spent a whole year with no memories, and you can see how different she is from the warrior who led the soldiers. Subaru himself states, watching her relationship with Felix in arc 5, that the image of the powerful duchess has died.

  8. Well, that's not the case with Subaru. Through arc 1-4 he was afraid to die. In arc 5, he already thought of RbD as a last resort. It is only from arc 7 that we see the lack of this fear that caused crying and paralysis.

  9. As I mentioned. I believe Orion is Petelgeuse, and I know he doesn't look like a hunter (unless you consider his actions in arc 3), but not all myths are taken literally. So is Subaru which is both Pleiades and Sisyphus.

  10. On the part about witchbeast being the doom of kingdoms for 400 years is most likely wrong.

  11. Not important? This is a very important fact that confirms my theory even more. This may also explain why Subaru's name is written in katakana, not kanji. To hide the true meaning, because from what can be read on the Internet: in kanji the meaning of the name and surname are visible.

  12. So OP, will Subaru become immortal or die permanently according to you?

  13. Honestly, I don't think he become immortal, but I also don't see him die permanently. Both options do not match Re: zero themes. I am a supporter of cycles or repeating loops of the world. So it's hard to talk about an ending if history repeats itself over and over again.

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  15. Most of the answers to these questions were cleared up in Season 2.

  16. Anastasia: Unfortunately, just me and a few other people

  17. In Webnovel's Reid recalls a smart guy who turned gray in his youth. However, in Light Novel (at least in Polish translation) this fragment was cut out.

  18. This is not slavery, because if it were, we might as well consider that the child is always the parent's slave. It comes more closely to adoption for money (in this case, for a favor).

  19. Are there any witcher laws regarding deserters? Whether they be children or adults?

  20. Remember that witcher schools ceased to exist, so if there were any laws, they were long forgotten and nobody cares about it. However, given that Geralt clearly states that there is no such thing as a witcher's code, I don't think any laws ever existed.

  21. Me too. Even being a victim of an invasion was so much fun because it was unexpected. The tongue completely broke this aspect.

  22. thronebreaker or witcher 1 (Worse graphics are harder to consider brutal, and sex scenes are just cards)

  23. So you would love the witcher saga. The whole hanza not only helps Geralt, but most do it completely uninterestedly. As a matter of fact, neither of them has any selfishness whatsoever to endanger their lives and waste time in any way to help find Ciri.

  24. I guess I prefer this fan design than the official design.

  25. You know, when Emilia thought he was only 12 on OVA: Memory of Snow.

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