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  1. You could definitely learn to pop up and catch white water waves in 3 days.

  2. Genuinely I'm really curious to understand what the cultural context is for this.

  3. it’s not veganism that’s associated with casteism, but vegetarianism, because upper caste brahmins /priests who tend to be vegetarian.

  4. The day you walk up to a wild tiger with meat and veg and it ignores the meat for the veg is the day I even consider becoming vegan.

  5. fair enough. Do you drink dairy and eat eggs? because last i checked tigers don’t. What about reading/writing? I don’t think tigers do that. And greeting people by sniffing their asses? Not killing your neighbors over territorial disputes? Why would the actions of an obligate carnivore wild animal have any bearing on what you do as a person, just curious about your perspective.

  6. Once again, all things we do because we are a fairly advanced species who learned to make things easier on ourselves.

  7. so being a member of an advanced species that is capable of critical thinking and being a moral agent why would you look to obligate carnivores going vegan before you yourself considered it?

  8. just the thread i was looking for, paddling tires me out so damn quickly.

  9. I've seen enough Always Sunny to spot a Dennis Reynolds fake cry. I guarantee there is an onion out of frame to help this sociopath fake a cry.

  10. Funny enough I’ve met a lot of people who rant and rave about how much they hate vegans, and never met a single one of these annoying vegans that they claim are all over.

  11. hi, us annoying vegans do exist but we’re only 1% of the population so we’re hard to find 😉

  12. Is there even a source on them claiming to be activists? Seems like it could also just be idiot kids being destructive, and people are just assuming it's activism.

  13. iirc they are activists from Animal Rebellion, who I think shared this on their FB page.

  14. Even if he’s the best, there’s always a chance for things to go wrong. Maybe even less than 1% chance. But if he’s done this 100 times, unfortunately eventually probability says he’s gonna fall.

  15. “Do the research” aka “I can’t eloquently articulate my braindead understanding of the point i’m trying to make. In this debate you need to research my points for me.”

  16. I worked on a project at an institute from a prestigious university and got some code from a researcher. Among many others there was a comment that said "Hardcoded because hololens is fucking shit".

  17. hololens is fucking shit? I’m pulling out my investment in microvision 😓

  18. Aren't you a bagholder anyway? The golden days of this stock were a year ago.

  19. hahah na, i was just making a joke. I swung it constantly last year making some decent gains and some mild losses. Got out at $11 when things were looking grim. Had been meaning to re-enter at $3 but hadn’t kept an eye on it and see it’s at $5.x now. Need to update myself but it’s a wild ride of a stock to be in.

  20. That's falling for the 'tu quoque' fallacy.

  21. Yes, or equivalently if a domestic abuser says “people shouldn’t beat their spouse”, though they are hypocrites it has no bearing on the validity or righteousness of the claim they are making.

  22. Though the figures quoted by Davis and Archer are highly contested to be overestimated/simplifications, I will go with them anyway.

  23. It’s true, veganism is not the only solution to improving the environment. Which is why i generally do not advocate for it in terms of the environment. All else held constant, a vegan and someone who eats chicken 1-2x a month but is otherwise plant-based, will have very similar environmental impacts.

  24. “little bacon factories”. From the bottom of my heart: these scum pieces of shit homesteaders are vile sociopaths who can fuck right off. Seems like they’re disappointed their kids are struggling to be moulded after their sociopathic selves.

  25. You should buy everyone a large big mac meal and tell them you’re not like one of those vegans, and don’t want to force your personal opinions on others :).

  26. Piercing a hook through a fish’s mouth so you can look at them up close before throwing their injured body back into the water = chad live and let live respect for not killing animals 🗿🐙

  27. you are what you eat and i’m strongggg like a pitbull x german shepherd x rottweiler babyyyy

  28. I’m not educated on whether they can or not, but i know that is not what is done in practice and that cows are repeatedly impregnated a few months after their cycle.

  29. fucking deranged and delusional.

  30. Game changers peer reviewed evidence is so poor it actually put me off veganism...

  31. I haven’t seen game changers but have seen those truly terrible one liners repeated a lot.

  32. because “cutting out the middleman” has no bearing on the efficiency of our body’s ability to digest food. In fact, as anti-vegans enjoy pointing out, it is often the opposite case with plant-proteins being “incomplete” unlike flesh protein which is complete.

  33. What's the actual harm done if we use the word "vegan" as a shorthand for "food suitable for vegans"?

  34. There is no harm, OP just fails to realise that words can be both nouns AND adjectives.

  35. Why do I feel like neither of these people actually exist and you are just trying to make a point?

  36. Thank you for taking your time to respond with this invaluable advice. How exactly do exams for law work? Are they open book? If they are I wouldn’t have a problem with them.

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