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  1. She’s a waking contradiction and a vile bully. Bravo need to get her off, as well as Erika and lip licker. If they keep them on any longer they are condoning their behaviour.

  2. I don't understand why puberty blockers at 16 isn't enough for you? Have you not noticed all these "trans" kids are teenage girls? Do you not have the slightest concern that the care is "affirming"? You know, the only sector of healthcare that goes by what the patient says not the doctor? And by what a CHILD is saying no less??

  3. There is so much misinformation in here. It’s also amusing you “don’t have the time to find all these links” but have time to spread things that aren’t true.

  4. I'm much older now, so it doesn't happen as often or the same way anymore, but when I was younger, I usually had no clue.

  5. The more I read, the less compassion I felt for OP. I Hope her MIL has the best life going forward.

  6. I didn’t for for over 10 years as I hate dentists and have massive anxiety around them. Making your appt is the first step!

  7. When I had mine 15 years ago in Australia, they did the ultrasound but turned the screens so you couldn’t see unless you wanted to. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been for me personally, if I had been forced to look. It was the best decision for me and I 100% don’t regret it, but I was scared and part of me didn’t want to go through with it at the time.

  8. Soft YTA. Your sister has her own issues that revolve around herself. Just because you are Trans and you may feel she has it easier, it doesnt lessen what she is experiencing. You can both have insecurities about yourselves, it’s isn’t a competition about who has it harder.

  9. Hey guys, its Kyle here, Jessica's boyfriend. Yes, she literally changed my name from "Kyle" to "Lyle" and thought that was good enough. One of her friends sent me this and I want to set the record straight because I am beyond pissed off.

  10. My son is adhd and autistic. He can’t stand the smell or taste of bananas and yoghurt. He will leave the room if any of us eat them. Your partner is a massive AH.

  11. Having a wedding doesn’t give you the excuse to be selfish assholes. YTA for going along with your wife to be. All that should have been asked is “hey man, just checking youre still ok for the wedding. It’s the first catch you with everyone since your accident and we wan to make sure it’s not going to be too overwhelming for you. Let us know what we can do to make you comfortable”.

  12. NTA. She is the step parent in this situation, you and your ex need to have a sit down discussion about what your boundaries are with her partner in regards to parenting.

  13. You’ll automatically be on it. It will show up on your Medicare online acc and they usually send a letter when you are close to hitting the limit. Once you are close to the limit it will ask you to confirm your addy and the people on your card. Then anything over your limit (changes for those on Centrelink and those who aren’t) you get 85% back. You may still need to pay your upfront costs, but you usually get back your rebate that night

  14. If you want to see the same four sofas, six headboards, three nightstands, eight lights from beacon, and six reece taps every week, just say that

  15. I don't know what it is specifically. They just drive each other crazy. I think they are both very jealous in a way. My wife is jealous of my mom's life, being thin, education, confidence, and my mom is jealous that my wife is a happy sweet person without her issues. My mom does also tend to feel like she gets less and she responds by being cold and mean. She was very affected by growing up in a broken home with half siblings whose parents were together, and stepparents she didn't want. I think when I met my wife she felt she was being pushed aside again, and decided she'd rather just be alone. My mom became much easier to deal with when she met her husband, but before that I think she was kind of lonely and she was mean, because she saw other people getting attention she wasnt. My wife does seem very threatened by my mom. They both just constantly annoy each other until someone snaps

  16. Seems like she was being pushed aside. NTA for standing up to your wife… but your wife honestly sounds like the issues from your replies.

  17. Maybe they see Mecca as the local, luxury Australian option and Sephora is the huge, faceless foreign owned corporation?

  18. I went into Sephora for the first time a few weeks ago. It was so loud, half the products had no prices and I couldn’t find any staff. It was a disappointing experience

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