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AITA for wanting my daughter to meet my girlfriend despite being an absent father?

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AITA for keeping my ex's possessions and not shipping them back?

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  1. I know when I’m having a panic attack it’s nice to have someone there/ someone to talk to on the phone. Even if I’m not responding well, it’s taking my mind away a bit. Just let her know she is safe, maybe try and walk her to a spot that’s quiet and out of the way (if she can). It can help to breathe with her, or ask her to find things she can hear, feel, smell, see. Let her know it will pass and you’re happy to stay with her while she’s panicking.

  2. What about when you see a quick ball of light going up the side of your eyeball? I’ve explained this to doctors before but none ever knew what I was talking about.

  3. Oooooh so I get these. I brought it up with my optometrist after I had an aura around lights (I have bad myopia). It can be a type of ocular migraine, always worth getting your eyes tested though to rule out anything.

  4. It could be; I drank coffee for years. Had the biggest panic attack I had experienced, cut all caffeine out. I noticed my general anxiety eased a fair bit. Now if I have a proper cup I generally feel super anxious and it can feel like I may have a panic attack. I can tolerate decaf (still has a small amount).

  5. I did and my stepmom threatened to go “savage” on me.

  6. Are you serious? Why is it her responsibility to do this when she’s occupied with day to day parenting, paying all the bills, and isn’t even the mother of that child?

  7. And isn’t even the mother of the child.. she CHOSE to enter into a marriage with a man that has 2 kids with no mum. If she didn’t want to be a caretaker, she shouldn’t have married this man. Your last sentence is utter bullshit in this scenario.

  8. Not really. She was naked when Sutton walked in on her and Sutton said I don’t know what’s going on here but let me proceed to enter your room (unwelcomed) while you’re still naked and processing this. Plus crystal has an eating disorder

  9. Agreed. Not everyone is comfortable with their body and/or being seen naked by other ppl. I didn’t like how people were down playing her boundaries and comfort level here just because they would feel comfortable in the same situation. I’m a Sutton fan too, but this irked me.

  10. YTA. You shouldn’t have assumed and got your son excited about a room without discussing it with your partner first.

  11. NTA. You should have stopped her taking your daughter to school as soon as she started that, that was her testing the waters and you let it continue without any consequence. You need to sit her down and let her know if she continues to test your boundaries regarding your daughter you are going to have to go back to living separately.

  12. Plus fitness banksia grove. It’s a very small gym and the owners are lovely. I like the fact that it’s small and as there are a few gyms in a small area (snap and revo) a lot of the more guys/teens go there.

  13. How? They were all androgyny and broad and now they are skinny asf. They literally made headlines for being so skinny and there are hella posts about it on post subs but NOW it’s a reach?! 😭 yh 👌🏾 also j don’t agree with the masculine/feminine thing but, that’s how it works sadly those things are associated with being manly or feminine not saying I agree but, the facts are the facts🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. They were in no way androgynous or boxy. They had a very feminine shape. Yes, their waists weren’t as snatched… but they were not manly. If anyone had a boy shape it was Kendal.

  15. YTA, your whole spiel is all about yourself. If you want to have your daughter back in your life, get to know HER and to be a father to her first. This isn’t an instant family scenario.

  16. Always. It's just how I write. My daughter and grandaughter can read it; I wouldn't think it is so different from print letters that one couldn't read it, unless it is just really sloppy handwriting.

  17. I can read it if it’s written neatly, if it’s sloppy I struggle. There are certain letters that I have to double check depending on the handwriting style

  18. Came here to say this. You won’t tan, you’ll burn, and it won’t take long in summer.

  19. I think this was all a bit blown out of proportion tbh. I think her comment was thoughtless, but your husband blowing up like that was unnecessary. She could have been told that you were upset and apologized. You could have asked her to leave, but your husband telling everyone to gtfo was unnecessary as hell. No judgement, but everyone was overdramatic as HELL.

  20. Agreed. My BIL came over after I recently had my first baby and asked what I did all day. It was rude as fuck but I just let out a laugh and pretty much ignored it. Sometimes it’s easier to let comments go, especially when people without kids comment on pregnancy/kids, they usually have karma smack them in the face at some point, it’s even better when you’re there to witness it.

  21. YTA: you didn’t even give him a heads up you planned to attend, this right here makes me think you knew it would cause problems and just didn’t care. Yes, you were close with his mum. However, at the end of the day it is HIS mothers funeral. There were many different ways you could have paid tribute. Also, telling his kids, even if they asked the question, put the final nail in my YTA judgement. That wasn’t your place.

  22. This filled with just assumptions from the north pole. So much for hard truth.

  23. How long were they separated for before you got together. Were you always close with ex?

  24. YTA. You also just pretty much told your dad he isn’t worth your time and is replaceable.

  25. Is say you have lifted too heavy. I started back at 2 months. Start back at it like you’re a beginner who’s never lifted before. I was back at my pre surgery weights after about 7 months.

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