1. two family members i live with have had covid 4 times between them and i didn't catch it once. another family member unknowingly had covid at a funeral and i didn't catch it. no one i came in contact with before i tested positive came down with covid and the family members i live with didn't get covid when i had it.

  2. in the end i lost about 15 pounds from beginning of covid through the two weeks following. it's stayed off too...i didn't have any stomach issues but my appetite just disappeared. i could stand to use another 15 pounds but i definitely don't want covid again! :)

  3. i would probably skip anything in the bathroom and just pick up travel stuff from the store if you can.

  4. my brother lives here during the week for work and he's had covid three times since 2020. i avoided it all three times and so did my mother. i even had to share a bathroom with him. i had covid in late june and neither of them caught it either.

  5. pi had residual sinus stuffiness and was easily worn out for a couple of weeks after covid....i even had the odd getting warm and kind of sweaty (unless it was hot flashes) for a bit too. one of my siblings who had it almost a year before me had the cough linger for quite awhile.

  6. i drank this tea called "throat coat" and it helped a lot. it's basically honey and lemon with lavender i believe. i also gargled with warm salt water. cold air bugged my throat more at night so i actually slept with a mask on.

  7. Interesting! I'm going to try sleeping with a mask. And I've been avoiding alcohol since getting sick, but I'm going to take your comment as a sign to sip a little gin.

  8. it seriously feels like a serrated knife through your throat...that was the worst part of covid for me. gin is made from juniper berries which are supposed to help a lot of ailments. i just sipped a bit and made sure to drink a ton of water before and after still...you don't want the alcohol to dry out your throat more.

  9. well...i officially did NOT get covid on my trip. masked in the airport and the flights there (except during eating/drinking) and the bus ride after the flights. did not mask while out and about in town with friends both indoors and out. masked on the bus ride back to the airport and on the 2nd flight on the way back where there was no food or drinks served.

  10. Just returned but feel fine (other than tired from flying for hours). There were a lot of heavy coughers on the flight though so I'll test this weekend just to be sure.

  11. i'm not sure what the isolation rules are for france (7 days?). if you're past that i don't see why you couldn't go out for a walk.

  12. i never had the fever or the cough when i had covid so i suppose anything is possible.

  13. the period i got while recovering from covid was a bit heavier and lasted about 8 days. the 2nd period after i recovered was ridiculous. heavy clotting like you mentioned to where i was also changing pads about every hour and wearing period panties at the same time. it lasted 24 days, i kid you not. i had a virtual appointment with my main MD while waiting for an available appointment with my gyn (which i finally have next week).

  14. i thought mine was allergies and then it also seemed like a super bad sinus infection. the only thing not part of the sinus infection was the dang sore throat that killed me.

  15. my first period following my covid infection lasted 8 days. my periods are normally heavy but this one was pretty normal and very light towards the end.

  16. i could barely eat while sick with covid in late june. it's starting to come back but i definitely can't eat as much or even as often as i used to. i don't recommend covid as a diet but i lost 7 pounds while sick and i'm down 14 total as of today. i'm doing my best to make sure i heat healthy - lots of veggies and fruit...limit red meat. but i will splurge occasionally.

  17. i would see if someone can pick up (or grocery delivery) some low sugar protein shakes to help keep your strength up. that's what i had to do, all i could eat was that and soup, nothing "solid" really.

  18. it could just be a cold or the flu honestly. not everything has to be covid. test again in a couple of days just to be sure. drink lots of fluids and get some rest regardless of what it is :)

  19. so my anxiety was ridiculous during covid. i was texting some family and friends trying to distract myself from my thoughts and that wasn't even working. it was my first time having covid and i think not knowing what to expect played into it a lot.

  20. lost 7 pounds during covid and another 3 since i tested negative on july 7th. my appetite just went away. i wasn't hungry at all in the morning and had a bunch of premier protein shakes delivered to the house so i had something in my stomach. lunch and dinner were often soup or another shake...and i had to force myself to eat that. granted when i came down with covid i was a good 35 pounds overweight. i'm trying to keep the 10 pounds i've lost so far and lost more.

  21. Ugh the coffee thing!!! I’m day 4 and good lord do I miss my morning coffee. My body doesn’t crave it like normal, I made it anyways but could only drink half and it just didn’t taste the same :(

  22. i tried once to drink it a few days in and only made it a few sips in. i tried again after testing negative and still couldn't do it.

  23. earlier this week, the news was saying that if you get the BA5 variant of omicron, you only get about 28 days of immunity from reinfection. i finally tested negative after 12 days which was on july 7th. we'll see what happens for the rest of the month.

  24. It’s also not knowing if you’ll be the one in 12(?) people that have long covid effects

  25. so true! i'm watching my health for sure especially as an overweight woman in her late 40s with controlled type 2 diabetes. i'm also trying not to overstress about getting covid again. oddly enough i lost 10 pounds during covid. my appetite still hasn't come back though i was never nauseous while ill, i just couldn't eat. now i'm trying to maintain that and lose another 10.

  26. yep, my first positive took about 10 seconds to come back. they do say wait the full 15 because it can be a false negative/positive but i don't see how that line would magically go away after appearing.

  27. mine started with a dry tickle in my throat which felt JUST like my normal allergies. it turned itchy, then sore, then like a knife down my throat. all i really got was a bad sinus cold with crazy sinus pressure (my teeth hurt) on day 3. never had a fever, cough only when my sinuses started dripping down my throat (just like allergies).

  28. Figured, but a girl could dream. Just spiraling over the possibility of it taking ages before I finally test negative again and wasn’t sure if anyone else had luck with flushing out their system for lack of better words

  29. i was day 9 yesterday and still tested positive. i'm waiting until tomorrow to test again.

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