1. More whining more noise to black out from listening. The doompost here is real since Fenrir releas... I thought that the new stuff in 2.4 like matrix lock would fork you over but it seems not. All this qol but ppl still complain

  2. It's been quiet recently and better but still there. The recent thing i can think of is Fenrir powercreep. But it's not my business anyways and Idm powercreep in fact

  3. The big trap they may fall into is ToF's design where you just jetpack+grapple in a straight line from one endpoint to another. Every map is a massive random variation in elevation with the exact same traversal feel. Genshin differentiated between regions and even sub-regions having different design philosophies. Wuthering Wave's last beta showcase was pretty terrible in this regard approaching more ToF. They can fix it going forward though as even Genshin's Mondstadt is pretty lacking in traversal variety relative to later updates.

  4. Or maybe consider that you are just looking for a way to dislike the game by falling into that trap... Different game different design.

  5. Context: Anyone who played Genshin will know this one, but for those who do not know:

  6. Yeah. I am one of the people who is hoping ToF will turn around. Game has a lot of potential only to be screwed by Tencent. Recently all that they are doing is just money grubbing which is Tencent is famous for. Even server lag is not addressed.

  7. Feels like there's more people complaining than usual, ever since Fenrir came out, frost main came out from basement, honestly I am seeing mixed signals.

  8. Io credo di avere una maledizione della fisica. La chiamo "maledizione della fisica" perchè purtroppo ho preso un 5 nella scritta e io sto cominciando a pensare che sia una materia inutile da studiare. Sono nelle superiori, ma purtroppo questo non mi ha sfuggito per niente. Sempre una sufficienza o un 4 o 5 (scorso quadrimestre 4.5). Mentre con matematica voti spesso buoni. Una completa merda infatti. Ho pure studiato di PIU rispetto alla scorsa verifica sperando di ottenere un voto migliore, ma nulla. Sono molto arrabbiato al momento e non credo che "rilassati, è una piccola caduta" farà molto per me. E ora che mi penso, non so come ho fatto il miracolo di prendere 7 in media in fisica lo scorso quadrimestre.

  9. Cosa va storto in dettaglio? Fai qualche esempio?

  10. Per fare un esempio della verifica di oggi: una delle domande chiedeva del rapporto tra intensità e differenza di potenziale in un gas. Ma io ho scambiato argomento e pensavo stessi parlando della prima legge di Ohm.

  11. Tencent is infamously known for looking profit before player's well being and fairness. Not a good sign at all.

  12. I personally do not care about which company it is as long as the game is good enough, and I don't think you should use company as an indicator most of the times, unless it's been very consistently bad. Hell, I remember a wave of dislike for Pokemon Unite when it was announced to be published by Tencent, but since then things have been cool. Tribalism at its finest...

  13. I say I give a different opinion and try Tower of Fantasy. Fun people overall. Not much hype but recently seen new players or returning. I think 2.3 is turning point

  14. Basically they're saying the way EN is being handled is because of Tencent. Nothing new. I'm going to be downvoted but this explains how this game is being handled. I think we should stop blaming devs for this one and instead direct it to Tencent.

  15. I don’t think it takes a full teams worth of manpower to put a weapon into standard pool…

  16. Not sure why'd you downvote the user who said they were also disappointed too. Please could you try to choose a side instead of being like this. Besides, these are rumors, I don't think he disagreed or anything about it being vague.

  17. Kinda happy to see ToF revenue going up. I think in CN 2.3 was a turning point too. Let's see if it stays there

  18. Hopefully sooner than later.

  19. I was expecting her to be standard after Gunonno in EN but with how soon it happened, probably during Fenrir banner. Hopium?

  20. Damn it, I was hoping that Claudia will be very incompatible with her so that she will go standard sooner, but now it's looking like she may not go away anytime soon... thanks for the analysis!

  21. Trait nerfed to 12% and 18% respectively for lv 1 and 2.

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