1. If they’re doing it for fifa 23 it will probably be after the current fifa 22 pack is out - so 11+ days

  2. I was going to suggest Replacements, Ltd, but I checked first.

  3. Tattahome.com is an Italian based company that I’ve purchased from before. They ship to the United States so maybe they’ll ship to you as well…?

  4. I hope he drops more. I absolutely love his gold card. I cannot imagine how good this one is.

  5. It’s really good. Just disappointed it’s tanking in price since it’s most likely getting upgraded and getting even more sick

  6. Ahh okay. Just thought it was quite a heavy drop considering he will probably get a upgrade

  7. well maybe in my country just there isnt digital asset tax on csgo items etc, for crypto there is but you can avoid it too buy just selling the bitcoing in real life to someone and he pays u cash

  8. @Ydeasger on twitter is the guy I was talking about who’s in court to figure out whether or not he has to pay 25% VAT on all the skins. They just determined that he owes the government 125k USD in unpaid VAT.

  9. If i have 100k worth of skins ofc i would pay taxes from profits. But i dont have 100k worth of skins the sums are so small so nobody gives f

  10. Okay, but that wasn’t what the conversation was about. So once again, why tf are you commenting???

  11. Is that a lot of money to you? I forgot the majority of players poor asf

  12. You barely make $3.14 an hour. Don’t kid yourself🤣 idk who you’re trying to impress, but you’re talking to the wrong person if you think I’ll think you’re cool for making pocket change

  13. Spent 20k so far and have literally gotten so much crap. Best I’ve gotten is Kroos which I can’t sell bc no one wants to buy him at 137k lol

  14. I got ruben and marquinhos and im wondering if i should sell, its my first year playing this early

  15. Hard to say. Game has just come out. They might be insane in game and sky rocket or might be shit and crash

  16. CSmoney are far from scammers - and if they were they wouldn’t scam a single person for $380.

  17. I’d suggest listing it at 35-40k RMB on buff - as there’s already a ST in same condition listed at 30k. If it’s a fair price you’ll have around 10+ watchers within a week, if not you slowly lower the price until you begin getting bargains. At that point you’re fairly priced - don’t accept any offers unless you’re tired of waiting.

  18. I think the scammers killed the trading scene.

  19. Would recommend using GamerPay or Skinbid when you sell it. Both these sites allow a safe transaction and the money will be deposited straight to your bank account👍🏽

  20. 30 employees who maybe make like $4k a month at most. Still leaves him with $880K

  21. $4k is fairly low. I’m sure his staff are paid generously considering he’s currently the biggest YouTuber. Also, he has managers, pr, agencies, etc. who he pays extremely well

  22. Yea but who gives a shit if he’s rich or not, how tf does it affect our lives in any way

  23. Lol I do bc ppl are saying he’s worth 100m and they can’t seem to comprehend how he makes videos or the costs of a business. It’s the same ppl the think net worth is money he has in the bank ready to spend on some shit

  24. Try adding ppl you like playing with when you solo q. You’ll rarely have a enjoyable time if you just play alone

  25. Yeah, and extremely heavy. He had some insane shots but I felt like my tots dybala did the job better than him. Insanely heavy imo

  26. Only thing I had trouble with were some side missions not showing on my map because I had not talked to someone for that tail yet. Just make sure to get all question marks on the map open, good luck!

  27. No, there’s nothing missable. But I recommend getting Platinum and 100% before going into NG+, because your progress resets on certain trophies.

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