1. It is, I ride an e-bike everywhere and it goes like 30mph and it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit here

  2. My life is saved because I saw your thighs stopping me from not breathing because I gasped at your absolute adorableness

  3. No, they'll never forgive you. You have desecrated your relationship with stuffie kind and I formally apologize because you soon will be excommunicated from the colony. But I love your thighs

  4. Brute Boi here. (I think that's the one, whichever titan that has flight core)

  5. I'd probably just blush and question why you're floating 6 feet in the air to line up with my head

  6. Cases like us between 6,3 and 4 can be both tops and bottoms so maximum fun fun don't you think๐Ÿ˜‰

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