1. If it was worth it to kill Epstein why haven’t they killed Ghislaine Maxwell who presumably knows all the same secrets as him?

  2. What!?!?!?!?! This is relatable Gen z meme, not at all weird or disturbing!!!!!

  3. Uj/nah I I don't think so, I'd say labyrinth is, can't remember that song for the life of me

  4. Uj/ I don't even know how the industry pretenders like she's anything special, she's a one hit wonder, and the "wonder" was just a little catchy tune like two years ago, that's it

  5. Me when I support Sadam Hussain's effort of building a nuclear program (I'm a jokester like that)

  6. you can if you have enough to afford the insane ticket price, and your flight, accomodation, and pocket money on top

  7. Oh just to be clear I am an international fan and I was genuinely interested, I was just anxious about the fact only north America fans can register for pre sale

  8. i think right now there is no point in registering for pre-sale! there will for sure be pre-sale for the international dates as well

  9. Oh yeah there will be international dates for sure, it's just that I've never been to the US so I wanted to combine it with tour

  10. Looks like only north America fans can register for pre-sale for the US tour, I know there will be international dates but I will still be able to attend a US date as an international fan, right?

  11. Taylor swift is literally the biggest feminist icon but ya'll just can't admit it SMH

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