1. and the snare/kick sound within the songs on stand up.

  2. Not sure if there is meaning, but when I saw the “band” photo used with all the intercut pieces from different members overlayed on each other, it made me think that it’s symbolic for all of them contributing to the record. Maybe a different member chose a piece on the cover? IDK honestly, but I think it’s just symbolic of all of their distinct styles coming together.

  3. Do I need to renew the passport in the state my ID is issued?

  4. I feel like Cameron is as good as ever in terms in innovating visual effects and dominating the box office, but I feel like the narratives of his films declined post T2. The first two Avatar movies while successful, suffer from thin plots and overstretched runtimes. The original Terminator was less than two hours, yet had more in depth plot & character development than 5 hrs and 40 minutes of both Avatar films. For all the hype, they're essentially over glorified tech demos, akin a more ambitious and profitable version of films like TRON or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

  5. IDK man there seems to be a lot of character moments in the newest Avatar movie, more so than the first. I can see what you mean, but I don't think character development is one of them. I for one got lost in the world and the stories of the new one. It felt very visceral and real, even if it wasn't the most in depth movie ever.

  6. Dang what a loss. Gonna be spinning some Television tonight.

  7. Cool - looks super close. Do most people stay closer to the venue?

  8. Not really, but it's the closest (literally walking distance) and everything else is expensive. If you want to stay downtown, prepare for an extremely steep Uber both ways, especially after the show. I think there's a middle ground here that's straight down the highway leading to WPB (98 or whatever it is) that's near the beach but closer than downtown. Things book fast though so just be aware of that.

  9. Same, big fan but I like what I like and he likes what he does

  10. This is great to see happening so early. There's plenty of time to break the story and find a good way to intercut the characters, which will most likely be what they go for. It's a good time to be a Last of Us fan.

  11. Not taking a stance, I just find it interesting that people complain that police don’t have enough training, but then protest a training facility.

  12. I think it comes down to the nuance of what training means. Training for urban warfare type exercises like this facility? Probably don’t need. A building for training on how to peacefully de escalate situations? Certainly. On top of land originally proposed to go towards a park like in this instance? Probably not necessary either.

  13. Agree. This is a cool concept but sitting in a 20,000 seat arena to watch one guy with an acoustic guitar is a tough sell. Love Mayer, but I may pass on this.

  14. how do you know its just acoustic? I know hes holding an acoustic in the picture....

  15. Are you implying there's an acoustic band? Cause the poster says SOLO in all caps. I'd love to be wrong though if it's stripped down sets.

  16. Part II is an incredibly well-made game from a technical and gameplay perspective, but the fact of the matter is that many people had a lot of issues with the story. And when making an adaptation, the story is really the only thing you have. Without getting too much into spoilers, the stories of Part I and Part II are extremely different on a fundamental level. Part I is character based, while Part II is more based around emotions and themes. You really can't tell Part II's story in a TV show the same way you can with Part I.

  17. Intercut both characters starting at the beginning of the second season, flashbacks centered around Abby and her father like the early pandemic flashbacks from this season. No flashbacks for Ellie. Instead resume her story earlier to include the flashbacks from the game with Joel and intercut that with Abby meeting her group and developing friendships. The creators said they’d most likely split the story into two seasons so build the season to end with the big moment, and have the third season (or second half of the season if it’s not split) in Seattle.

  18. I've been trying to place this, and I honestly think it's the EQ'ing brightening up some tones in the organ.

  19. We'll see. I just want them to keep the extended trumpet outro on live versions. When Break Free first came back they got rid of the outro and it really wasn't the same.

  20. It’s gone man. I’d reset your expectations. It’s been a piano solo for years now.

  21. https://bandcamp.com/download?id=3596529882&ts=1436408685.3560626010&tsig=bd86299aa5714c4352be646915e3bfd2&type=album

  22. Been doing this since release day. Been a great trance like vibe to workout to.

  23. I mean it's just me but I think she's doing a great job.

  24. Everyone is complaining about that "kiss" but I thought it was perfect and added another element of horror to the outbreak that the game didn't have. It was grotesque and makes complete sense based on what the show has shown us so far. Loved the episode, and can't wait for next week.

  25. Episode 1 of this show was dramatically better than episode 1 of The Last of Us but got very little recognition comparatively

  26. It’s sort of apples to oranges for me since they were going for different things, but I will say I haven’t been as affected by a first episode of something as much as I was by Station 11, so I can see where you’re coming from.

  27. Well, shit. All these comments make me want to watch the show. Also, I had no idea García Bernal was in it and I adore him. Mozart in the Jungle was fantastic. Werewolf By Night was delightful. And of course, my introduction to him long, long ago: Y Tu Mamá También.

  28. It might be the single most moving show I’ve ever seen. As an artist who struggles with depression, this show gave me some much needed strength to keep going.

  29. https://variety.com/2023/music/news/mac-demarco-interview-new-album-five-easy-hot-dogs-tour-1235496148/amp/

  30. If you come visit us. Do not. Fuck. The monkeys.

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