1. I would and in fact I have one! Right on the front of the hood. In my opinion it looks pretty damn cool

  2. Wdym god awful? Is that really the consensus of the community? I think it’s the coolest event I’ve seen in years. Very fun, very unique

  3. That’s what I was thinking. I’ve been seeing people really bash the event, don’t get me wrong it has its problems. Some characters got way better like abilities/changes than other (Pharah and JQ stick out) but other than that I found it pretty damn fun. During the matches I played I didn’t really feel frustrated or annoyed, I just enjoyed seeing all the unique properties they gave to every hero that’s the best part of the event imo

  4. No one because I really only play with friends and we’re not allowed to endorse people we group with

  5. Personally I really enjoyed it. I just think it’s pretty damn annoying that you can’t play with friends, it is pretty unbalanced too but despite that I was having fun with it

  6. I’d like more animal model improvements. Like coyotes and the jackals just as an example. But really I can’t think of any on the top of my head without looking at all the models for ones to improve

  7. Honestly I’d have to say all of them really. They’re all so well done and very cool imo. But my favorites would have the to the Minotaur, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon

  8. Honestly I believe it’s more fun to play against an Orisa than some of the other tanks on rein. But that’s just my personal opinion

  9. I hate Styx because of poison, but I think I hate the shield-bearers even more in Elysium

  10. Its okay to be upset my guy, Are you on PC? if you have your data saved to the steamcloud you can recover an older save and go hunt them again.

  11. Yeah, looking back on it I was just frustrated because of how long it took me to track him. And you’re right still the same look

  12. Would be really cool but I’m doubtful it would happen

  13. Knew it was gonna be close but still disappointed GOW lost goty. At the end of the day only a title tho and GOW is my goty so that’s really all that matters

  14. Just imagine being a Returnal fan. It didn't even receive a single nomination.

  15. Honestly the JWD iguanodon is better, IMO

  16. After a couple month break I think this is the perfect time to come back

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