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  1. Make sure it’s an actual wolf skull and not a raccoon skull. That is mistaken a lot as a wolf skull and there’s lots of people running around with raccoon skulls with moons lol

  2. You can find a great horse in any color, you might just have to look longer and pay more. But temperament and health should be your number one priority. I do have to question the wisdom of buying a yearling as your first horse though. Green horses + green riders is rarely a good combination. How long have you been riding?

  3. Not riding, I’ve been working on horsemanship first and plan to ride later. I talked to my teacher and she thought it was a good idea as since it would be a baby that I could work with it on basic ground work(all under her guidance) and have something to love on in the mean time. She has many seasoned horses that I am learning with.

  4. I would ask to go to the thrift store and get your own pot to use and then have a campfire outside to boil the water

  5. I had spicy body odor when my dose was too low it’ll get better😂😂 also same with anxiety. It’ll get better mine was pretty severe now with the increases I’m a lot better

  6. Update: my dose was too high, doc dropped it to 25mg and I am feeling much better

  7. These people should be immediately arrested for hate crimes and hate speech. They clearly follow a terroristic lifestyle and are a danger to the public.

  8. Damn that show was awesome, I wish it wasn’t canceled , it was so mind bending

  9. I’m in the same boat, I’m 29 years old and I’m working on learning just the basics but most if not all programs are for children. I wish more barns or programs were for adults too!!

  10. First of all, I’m sorry that you got this news. It sucks. I was just diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer a few weeks ago. My thyroidectomy is scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. I have been trying to lose weight since the end of December with moderate success so I had the same question as you and here’s what I’ve learned.

  11. Thank you so much. Hopefully I can see some results then after the surgery, I just could never understand why I ate the same as my family but was always gaining weight while they were losing it. It’s gotten worse in the last few months before the diagnosis, for the last two years I have been noticing my hair thinning and also I’m so tired all the time and I find it take so much of my energy just do anything. I’m honestly relieved they finally found something and I wasn’t crazy all these years.

  12. Bike was too big for him to control, no helmet so other protection, parents 100% at fault

  13. I saw a doc that says they do this to bleach their hair?? Idk it was a long time ago I saw it.

  14. NAL but I am a content creator. In 99.9% of cases this a way for other platforms to monetise your work for themselves. You might see a tiny cut of money, and I mean almost insignificant, but if you only have one video even that's unlikely. It might be worth looking into the channels/ organisations to see if they do have something worthwhile to offer you, but I wouldn't expect that to be the case.

  15. One did ask if I didn’t want to make a contract if they could use my video and credit me.

  16. I get asked a lot to share my content with bigger accounts who say they will credit me. I ask them what the credit is worth and they can't answer that because they don't know. The best question to ask is "what will the CTR (click through rate) be?" and they rarely reply to that.

  17. Ok thank you, yeah I’m not famous by any means. Under 1000 followers at this point and like I said not a creator at all, just like sharing my life lol

  18. This is literally belles dress from beauty and the beast. Did they base her dress off this painting?

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