1. Not a popular opinion but Swordsoul. It’s a fair deck that doesn’t put up the greatest boards, but it’s super consistent, and has a lot going against them like Collector, D-Barrier, Nibiru etc. I expect the deck to get powercrept by Splights and Tears in the future.

  2. I wouldn’t exactly call it fair. It cheats the entire synchro mechanic with 1 cards that can search another soul and get another easy synchro. It’s also one of the harder decks to counter. But I don’t think they are a problem.

  3. Team Twilight. Reality is the shackle that binds us from our greatest potential. If our story is to be told we must free ourselves from this prison and let chaos reign. Sorrow, misery, tragedy, calamity. Such funny little words that others pick apart. They are simply mischief in my eyes. The necessary struggles to truly fulfill enjoyment in life/your story.

  4. I think it’s like a switch for him. When his speed increase triggers so does his ability to process his environment.

  5. Subconsciously thinking a demon is watching me every time I close my eyes in the shower. I know there not but I just can’t shake the feeling.

  6. I used to have this fear, until I started just welcoming them instead. Its a lot less scary when you feel like they are invited and expect them.

  7. I like to taste salt / seasonings. Like, pour it into my hand and then lick it.

  8. To be honest I hope they didn't bann Mine. The card itself is fine. Annoying but fine. The problem is that you can play like 12 copies of it. Like the Striker list in Hartford did it. If you limit Mine things like this didn't happen anymore.

  9. It’s a double floodgate that makes the game state unplayable for the opponent unless they have spell or trap backrow removal that manages to get past whatever your opponent plays to protect mine. It straight up wins games by just existing. Nothing about it is healthy or fine.

  10. The thing is if mine is at 1 we won't see strategies about it. So it's become more as an option to go second and not a viable strategy

  11. Then it’s just a sacky 1 of still causing the exact same problem when it comes up. The cards design is fundamentally problematic and unhealthy. Whether it’s a 1 or 3.

  12. This is why I prefer point buy. Always lands you on a workable stat distribution with no added drama. If you decide to roll. That the risk you take.

  13. Yes and no because Completing the entire dex would be super hard and putting over 900 pokemon in one region would be hard But having the national dex would add all the missing pokemon

  14. Completing a regional dex is easy. Completing a national dex should be hard. It being difficult makes the sense of accomplishment greater and extends the endgame considerably.

  15. I think that imagine spot where he lasers the crowd was a command from his darker self. As an aside how do we differentiate them in conversation, call the weaker one John and the other Homelander or something else?

  16. That’s a really good spot too! I missed that one. Also yeah I don’t know the best way to them both. Was struggling with that when typing it out. I was thinking timid homelander and dark homelander.

  17. This is a really cool take. I definitely think you're onto something.

  18. Thanks! Homelanders psychology is really interesting. The writing and actors are really incredible.

  19. I don’t really have a preference. It depends on the type of character I want imagine. Something more human? Something more primal? Maybe something completely void of humanity ? Playing as some one who has draconic qualities or someone strongly resembles a dragon both sound cool to me.

  20. I’m going to go against the others. The ending absolutely was disappointing but the journey there is still incredible and full of twists. I reccommend the watch

  21. I’d recommend asking for a buff to the ability to resurrect creatures that died near you instead of this as it stands would be not great.

  22. This is the biggest disappoint for me about the class. Such a cool idea crap execution. It really should be more like a halo flood style ressurection. Stronger and more durable monsters that aren’t 1hp. But requires spell slots as a reaction. The class really should have gone all in as fungal necromancer.

  23. Yup. I guess they hadn't decided yet that support == healing. 25hp shields and a teleporter from spawn was enough utility for them to say she was support.

  24. Shield generator was 75 extra hp from what I remember. And I actually really liked her as support. She was niche but when it came up it was really good. I ended on a 72% winrate with her after just over a hundred hours

  25. She didn't even have shield generator originally. When they did add it, it was neat how you could pick which of her 2 ults you would like to use.

  26. Yeah. I think I just missed sym 1.0 when 2.0 came in. Honestly I liked sym as more of support than a Dps. The only I wish they did for 2.0 was gave her secondary fire 3.0 buff. Shield Gen was incredibly useful. And the personal photon barrier always came in clutch leading to really satisfying interactions when you timed it right.

  27. They are pretty decent. Insane otk power and usually can play through a negate. I really enjoy the deck. It’s not incredible but it’s still a relatively strong deck.

  28. I mean we literally met because of a diaper kink lmao life is really weird.

  29. Haha that’s awesome. The weird makes/keeps life exciting so I’m all for it.

  30. I get guys liking to watch it. I don't get what the user gets out of it. I guess stimulation.

  31. Pretty much that but it’s usually paired with some sort play of being dominated or restrained. Also in a lot of scenarios it’s not just one egg but multiple being fed in. So there’s a rhythm similar sensation you would expect to feel with anal beads.

  32. I think it’s interesting you felt like he was less human, when to me it felt like the most human he was in that moment. You could actually feel real emotions from him not being held back by how he wants others to perceive him. He was no longer sitting in the weird uncanny valley of trying to consciously act like a human. Our truest selves are shown when we struggle and when we feel fear and react to them. We got to see a real human Homelander in that moment.

  33. Strange also can't see a future where he's dead. There's probably way more futures where they win, and only Strange dies too.

  34. There’s even more futures outside that too. There’s infinite. The 14 million is just what he got through before he was interrupted.

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