1. If you are lost in the dark, turn on your fucking flashlight you dumbass

  2. I don’t think it will work because the whole point of the nanomachines is to harden to physical trauma in a human body and cybernetic suits are meant to overcome the limitations of a human body by changing the material and anatomy so it will be more metal than human to survive more blows. No, if so he might as well be wearing sundowners shields as his skin. The only way this would work would be if the cybernetic body is an exact copy of an human body anatomically, which(if I’m correct) has never been shown and the anatomy of raiden or any of the other bosses bodies do not show if they are exactly like a human, there is only blood.

  3. Sometimes we are just scared about ask people to hang out, especially on our birthdays, no one ever thought us what is like to be loved, really.

  4. What video involving child abuse are you talking about ? Didn’t notice anything like that, had this video been removed already?

  5. I’m just praying they don’t try to change anything too much in the Metal Gear Solid Remake that’s supposedly in the works, I want more Metal Gear games for the PS5 damnit

  6. Yeah me too, at least i hope they will keep every kojima cameo in the serie, they are so fun and iconic

  7. Connect shows my pool swimming PRs on the web. The iOS app has them, too, but several taps in: More > Activities > Swimming > View Personal Records

  8. That’s exactly the procedure I do to look at them, but none of them is shown, every record is null even tho I have plenty of activities saved on the app. I use a Garmin instinct (refurbished)

  9. It might be your device then. Only instinct 2 and instinct crossover are listed here:

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