1. isnt this model from boomstick and sharpsticks mod?

  2. Yes and no. I used bas assets and stock anomaly assets to make this gun. Bas doesn't have a modified ak101. I figured out the problem anyway.

  3. I finally figured out how to get world models of custom weapons into the game but now I'm having trouble with this current model. The magazine and bolt seem to stick to the origin rather than where they're supposed to be located. I haven't been able to figure out why this is happening compared to the other world model I did. I'll fix the textures after I've fixed the world model, that's not an issue. If anyone can help me figure this out it'd be greatly appreciated.

  4. What did you name your file? Did it start with "w_"?

  5. Yeah I set it up like any other weapon. I'm using another ak model as a stand in since I planned to add scopes to mine

  6. Can you post the text from the file?

  7. I can upload the file in a bit. I have it set to spawn a weapon I know won't crash. And yeah I'm spawning it through the debug menu. It crashes before making a sound.

  8. I love it when people jerk off to an unconfirmed date and nothing happens. Doesn't matter if it's here or trump geting back the presidency, it's always funny to see those people scramble for another date

  9. I have 9 karma and I still spawn with the occasional garbage rig and vest. I've spawned in plenty of times with a lab access and a 30-50k rubles and some nice stims. But I've also seen people in some of my discords with negative scav karma spawn in with FLIRs multiple times. I'm not sure if the gear to karma aspect of scavs is a lie or just broken but it definitely isn't a thing.

  10. This happened to me once. Not sure what caused it. Got kicked 3 times due to high ping. Managed to reconnect and make it out and it never happened again but it's frustrating that I was playing perfectly with no ping spikes then suddenly I was jumping between 30 and 300 during a boss fight.

  11. Useless how? As a solo player I guess I could see how it doesnt tell you much but as a group player, it provides good information

  12. Sounds like a really bad bug. Hope you tissues your insured stuff before going MIA

  13. I have a 66% rate and I'll go from 59 minutes survived to 35 to 10 seconds. Dunno how that counter works but I don't think you should worry about it too much

  14. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how big a company you are, tech debt doesn't disappear. FF14 has tons of. Money and devs behind it and it still has a lot of tech debt.

  15. trying to do bunker part 2, the one where you have to visit all hermetic doors and exfil in one game, imma need to do a lot of ratting cuz im at 80k roubles, also damn i thought everyone has t5/t6 this far in wipe...

  16. They changed the flea so you can only at best buy low tier T4 armors.

  17. yea ive noticed the flea market changes but ive not killed enough pmcs to see what they have, thx for the help tho

  18. As for the doors, try running at night or finding a server with longer matching times that's still within a decent ping range. Less players there

  19. Intel is only ~120k now. Not sure why it's dropped so much

  20. You find it in jackets, stashes, and safes now. I got out of one raid with 3 docs and was only in a few minutes.

  21. I still jump at the sound of sudden loud gunfire and it doesn't help that sometimes scavs will scream into your ear from the other side of the map. I'd say just play more and eventually get used to it

  22. You're better off running an RFB with a sight and silencer unless you don't mind spending more on the SR. Anything you buy from traders will end up being about the same ad the RFB.

  23. I heard unconfirmed rumours that the purpose of this “event” is to weed out cheaters and RMT essential jacking the prices of the flea watching trades and raids like I said I don’t know how true that is

  24. Right. so probably not true. A better guess would be them trying to dry out some of the inflation they caused with the lightkeeper event .

  25. They fixed nothing, they just broke was was otherwise wonderfully functional and novel. 1x is useless to an 8x scope.

  26. Then it gets renamed to 2-8 for fucks sake.

  27. Or it gets fixed to be the given magnification of 1-8 😉

  28. Nikita says he doesn't care about you or your friends

  29. I'm gonna be that guy, but after the second dc why not just dip the fuck out and call that one a win instead of chancing exactly what happened?

  30. I don't get how the flea ruins the game. I got to 50 buying and running trader weapons and the highest tier armor I could buy at the time and pretty much only getting crafting items from other players. You talk as of everyone is buying the most Meta gear and items possible from the time they unlock the flea but you also don't have the data to back that up.

  31. They shadow both ffed some spawn rates and changed a few. Finding gas Ans in tech and med crates. Been finind o scopes in crates too. Haven't found a ledx yet. They're definitely getting ready for a wipe.

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