1. After having a cat go missing last year, we thought to get gps trackers with the replacements. Their first day properly outside with the trackers and one of them lost it already.... excellent. now I have to try hunt it down.

  2. Mine just don’t go out, so much less stressful than worrying about where they are

  3. Mum has “borrowed” a fish tank. She’s purchased some fish and she knows she needs to quarantine them.

  4. 200 lbs @ 5' 10"? That's my exact size. I would take offense. My smart scales *guidelines* for my height/ weight are so unrealistic, for me in particular. At 200 I'm a little overweight, at 183 I'm shredded. Just seems a little premature, naggy and hurtful.

  5. It’s not recommended, especially if the filter drains if the power is off.

  6. A 70 gallon tank isn’t giant. 6 common goldfish should have about 70 gallons each when adults. I’d recommend getting a 70 gallon to start with, you will need to upgrade it at some point.

  7. Right.. But I don’t have the room for a 70 gallon tank..

  8. Put the filter media in the tank to keep it wet. It will be fine if it stays wet

  9. Bags of sand and pea gravel are sold by volume at garden and landscaping supplies stores. If you want plant substrate, try to find aquatic potting mix for pond plants.

  10. Also, the curved sides makes me think it's acrylic which is less likely to have an issue

  11. Not a chance...because the weight of your cat will cause the hood to smash into your tank long before the tanks gives way

  12. And the hoods flex quite a lot so it’s fairly unlikely to break the hood

  13. Nope. A 40 gallon sump split into 20 gallons of filter media and 20 gallons of plants would be a better option

  14. About 5 years ago we redid our kitchen and semi recently the silicon behind the sink has started lifting off the bench and growing mould in.

  15. Follow The surface prep instructions on the tube. The key to great results with silicone and caulk is surface prep.

  16. The only negative for me is that I still have a period and everything that comes with a period.

  17. That’s the main reason I’m not looking to get my tubes tied. I don’t want the monthly bullshit so I’m sticking with hormonal management.

  18. I'm the same in that I can clean and tidy for someone else but when it comes to my own place, it's so oo much harder to do!!

  19. All I want to do is clean at my bf’s but I can’t at home. I wonder if I should borrow his cleaner to help me at my place. There are a few little things his cleaner misses that bug me and his house is new so it shouldn’t have those issues.

  20. Im sorry I have to keep annoying you, would you say your energy is already depleted when the time comes for cleaning?

  21. I can’t start. The energy is there but it either disappears quickly or I just don’t know where to start.

  22. Once it’s mature and the plants are established, it would probably be good but for a newly set up and cycled tank, nope

  23. It smells horrendous, I’m guessing a rotting smell. It lingers like the smell of rain but it’s got a bad rot to it. I’m not looking to get any livestock yet so I have no test kit.

  24. Water changes will be what you need to do. You can do 100% water changes

  25. Yeah I was thinking that but I don’t have a siphon. Any other suggestion to suck it up?

  26. A hose. A siphon is just a hose with a fancy name. If you have a garden hose cut about 5 feet off it and use that, although a garden hose might flow too fast. If you have a length of airline you can use that

  27. It depends why they’re red. If the red washes off easily you should wash it off.

  28. At first before pouring the bag of rocks in the tank, i put a hose through the top of the bag and poked holes through the bottom of the bag and got a lot of the lose dust off. but the washed rock shown took a solid 5 seconds of hard scrubbing w my fingers under the sink.

  29. If they’re painted rocks there is a risk of the paint being dangerous.

  30. Just wait. Fishless cycling is slow and you have to be patient.

  31. Only buy fluval if you care about brand names. The FX series is comparable to other brands just much more expensive. I bought a sunsun and it’s very quiet and been running for several years now. Bacteria don’t care about the name of the filter they grow in.

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