1. When Clark first meets Jor-el, during the first flight scene Jor says "Earths Gravity is weaker, yet it's atmosphere is more nourishing" This explains how they can fly and jump even with the suits and breathers on

  2. Violent Nights is playing where I am this weekend

  3. Glen Powell and I'm not taking anyone else

  4. I LOVE humming that whenever I rewatch the trailers. It's so good!

  5. First time I'm hearing of it. But that's really cool. Dreams on ps4 is a cool thing and people make really interesting things there

  6. I'm doing IMAX 2D for first watch and then IMAX 3D for 2nd watch

  7. Omg I really wanna send this to a friend I really like

  8. Seeing images like these make me wish there were more 1.43 Imax theatres in the world

  9. The right and left are characters from other games published by Focus Entertainment. I got the same ones and don't really know who those are cuz I haven't played those games

  10. Hot take but I hated magister Vaudin a helluva lot more

  11. Personally I think Interstellar is his best and then tdk and inception are a very close 2nd

  12. Hey don't say "And stuff". Just say "People die"

  13. The last 3D imax showing here is Thursday. After that Amsterdam takes over

  14. East Lansing only has one IMAX as far as I know: Celebration Cinema Lansing

  15. As far as I know it's gonna be Oppenheimer and Dune part 2. Hopefully there are some more movies that have the ratio

  16. I don’t remember ever seeing Carr in anything so I can’t speak on how he would have done in the role, but I really hope they wouldn’t have gone all-CGI for the suit in future appearances.

  17. Snyder said that they wanted to make it practically but because of the circumstances they weren't able to for this. If he gets to make JL2 and 3 it most likely will be practical

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