1. I'm an idiot for this, but I've been saving for a McIntosh 275 for years and this might be the summer. Unless i listen to the voice of reason instead and put the money into the mortgage.

  2. As someone who's sister recently became homeless at 60, i can confidently and happily tell this guy to go fuck himself.

  3. I had something happen recently that convinced me, finally, of this: men, go to the doctor when weird stuff happens!

  4. ABC by the Jackson 5. It's such a happy, danceable, fun song. But, it feels very, very uncool, too. At least to me... probably because i would have been teased to death in the 80s of i was caught listening to it then by my co-metalhead friends!

  5. On my 24th birthday, my dad gave me a fairly emotional gift (something grandpa had given him).

  6. Not me, but 12 years ago, when my brother in law's parents died, he was offered either the house, worth about 300,000, free and clear, no mortgage, property taxes paid for two years... OR half the value of the house in cash.

  7. "Why are there six pedals when there are only four directions?"

  8. "Which one is the acceleratrix, and which is the decelerometer?"

  9. In My 40’’s & now 50’s if there one thing I know for sure , is that I definitely made the right decision not having kids. I’m enjoying my life more now than ever

  10. The fact that you chose to say that shows i wouldn't want you visiting me at that point anyway. Work on being friendly more, so that your own kids don't say the same thing to you when you're old.

  11. I have commandeered your post to ask you all, am i the only one seeing a cat/Llama hybrid here?

  12. I used to buy chicken wings in the mid 80s, I'd roast them in the oven with bbq sauce. Stores practically gave them away. Ten years later, the price went up exponentially as restaurants started serving them.

  13. All those words implying maturity followed up by the picture that says 'see my titties!?'

  14. I (M34) don't have any lasting friendships from school. I also have very few from uni, and few from various jobs. I'm not a person that values a lot of connections with people; I prefer to have a few people that I genuinely know and trust, than an army of people I probably can't rely on when I need them.

  15. 2001 i was living in Montreal. Modest income, crappy apartment, no way to afford a decent house in a safe neighborhood. Loved the food and social scene, but couldn't stand the COL.

  16. I feel like you would have had a very public and celebrated life as an early 1800's author of poetry books with titles like "Irreverent Poeticals For Idle Days" and such.

  17. I don't know the original source here but in the UK 'jab' is the most common colloquial term for vaccinations that everyone uses so I thought nothing of it. It's definitely not an antivaxx specific thing here, in fact antivaxxers prefer more clinical terms like 'vaccination' because they think it makes them sound like they actually know things and aren't just talking out of their arses.

  18. That's interesting, you're the 2nd one to point this out. I guess it's common for all in the UK, while being used almost exclusively by wing-nuts here.

  19. Absolutely agree. My productivity starts to nosedive an hour or so before the end of my 8 hour workday. I would get very little quality work done in an additional 4 hours.

  20. Hers were the first cinematic boobs I ever saw. I was supposed to be asleep in the backseat of my parents car at the drive in.

  21. I've got a cast/production crew 'yearbook' from the show. Hardcover, with case. Think they printed only a few hundred. Let me know if you're interested, they don't seem to come up on ebay too often

  22. I fold the edges of the bag so it stays open for her. She punishes me for this kindness regularly, of course.

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