1. She kissed Taro in the manga

  2. Definitely will happen in Ultraman Taro final if the Alien Valky that attack is a woman.🗿

  3. Floating Sparklence solo the entire ultra multiverse and send Oma-Zio running for his life! ONORE DAIGONE!!!

  4. Wow, that is a real Zetton! Makes sense considering the 1966 is somewhat canon in this universe.

  5. Plot twist: Man-nissan actually beat Zetton this time but then get defeated by Zetton 2 because that dumb databook say he is stronger... for some reason..

  6. Yes, Trigger just gonna jump on top of Birdon and shoot him in awfully close range like what he did to Gyamaira.

  7. "Why hate Trigger series? We have these stuff" *proceed to show Carmeara and Trigger mud fight

  8. Because Trigger died sealing away his former teammates and then reborn as a human. It reset his age.

  9. Noa might be the oldest ultra.. but I find it funny how Zabil is wayyyyy older than him. He legit is 30 million years old! Unlike Yuna who is reincarnation of Yuzare, there's not any sign or statement that say Zabil is also a reincarnation.

  10. Jokes aside, this fight was really cool. I just hate that Future's Cosmo Strike didn't have the same "Oomph" as much as the Cosmium Beam, despite it being stronger.

  11. True.. I think they focus too much on that Cosmos and Justice combo beam that they don't care about Cosmos Future Mode finisher anymore.

  12. Bro , you're going to break the multiverse and the whole universe to the Ultra franchise.

  13. And then we will have Johnny and Associates come out of the Multiversal rift and try to kidnap Kengo so he join them which effectively ended his career to appear in future series.

  14. Me after accidentally see Ichika's twitter account: Hmmm, I don't know man.. I think Kanata make a wrong choice here.🗿

  15. Well, they probably don't want Dark Lugiel to appear again because he already appeared in UGF:NGH. Alien Empera is definitely a guy who won't submit to Tartarus and still a problematic threat, he would rather die than serving the absolution. Dark Zagi probably just gonna teleport away and ignore Tartarus (and worst, Noa probably gonna come down to kill his old nemesis and proceed to chase Tartarus away).

  16. The planet has 13 Billion members. I wonder how useless the normal ones are. haha

  17. If I'm not mistaken, he got it for "protecting" Father of Ultra and Marie from Belial (even though he barely can do anything against Belial🗿). But it will be cool to expand more on Zoffy since he is the Commander of the Space Garrison.

  18. is the portal that sucks up the existence of daigo and asuka and the entirety of Gaia

  19. Luckily, Juggler and Kido Shinji (KR Ryuki) able to save both Gamu and Fujimiya on time before they get entirely erased.

  20. That’s probably the villian that erases the memories of the new gens in the land of light.

  21. Lol, imagine it just Max erasing their memories. Everytime he accidentally show his actual "strongest and fastest Ultraman" feats, he quickly erase everyone's memories and roleplay as a jobber again.

  22. "Hey look!! It's Daigo!! Yes! He exist!! I saw him!! This is not fake! I'm not dreaming! It just you guys being blind!! Daigo!!! Heheh.. hehehe! HAHAHAHA"

  23. "So yeah I've come here to delete all the data. good luck on getting it back, LOSEEEERS!!!"- random alien 2023

  24. It's must be Shinman!! He got sick of the "Who's Jack" meme and decide to delete all back up file of it.. he probably laughing at the back right now.

  25. Some revisionist history going on here. R/B looked way stronger her against Etelgar. lmao

  26. True.. what the hell! I never remember them giving Etelgar that much of a hard time (probably because it's been a while since I see it and already got distracted by him getting easily killed by Wide Zero Shot.. which he tank before!).

  27. I wonder if all this memory erasing is even canon. Don’t they have a backup? Doesn’t hikari have something just in case? lmao

  28. True.. I'm actually kinda confuse now. They didn't lost their memories right? But they say the data of all ultra heroes are lost. At first, I thought the event of the history itself has been erased but no, it just some data that they could easily make a back up in another base/planet.

  29. As a Tiga fan, I think there's many people here who prefer Dyna over Tiga too (heck, even other ultra show over Tiga) so I don't think you need to feel weird about yourself lol.

  30. I'm mostly disappointed that these 2 didn't have a team up episode.

  31. Beliarok when he meet Xlugger: So I heard you a space needle too? Interesting..

  32. I will take this as actual Ultraman Fuma origin story.. a kid trying to reach Crusader Peak? Hell nah, this one is cooler.😂

  33. The first fusion monster is actually jumbo king from ultraman ace

  34. I love how Ace struggle with most of the kaiju component of Jumbo King in his series but proceed to easily kill Jumbo King with barely any problem..😂

  35. If I recall he didn’t even change forms?

  36. Yeah, he sadly never change form just like in Saga (which is more stupid because he clearly want to kill Hyper Zetton lol).

  37. I think 90% of alien that invade earth died to Cosmos, he pretty willing to end people that not inder influence

  38. Why I got a feeling that Orb Origin Saga Cosmos will barely kill most of them?🙃

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