1. I don’t think he’s good at photoshop he can’t even crop photos right

  2. Even if her hair went back to dark..she still won’t look as fresh as she did few years ago

  3. Lol Kanye just said last month that they (him, Tristan, Travis, Scott) were all sperm Donors..I mean..is he lying though

  4. Seems like she had an implant exchange..went bigger. she was a little absent before she started showing up again. if she was BF..she’s been away from the baby a few times..so she would pump like 6-7x a day while away?

  5. Also didn’t Tommy Lee show his d*ck on IG without any repercussions??

  6. Something about Kim’s head/new facial structure doesn’t match her body

  7. And Kelly gave an interview listing what she eats in a day, and she will eat the same meals everyday for a year at a time.

  8. There’s hardly no protein! you need protein to sustain energy and feed your muscles. No wonder she looks like she’s withering

  9. I have been saying this every time she tries walking. She basically limps everywhere and can’t put weight on her right leg. I think something happened with her hip and she’s botched

  10. So NOW she's doing the Marilyn hairdo? That ship has sailed Kim.

  11. I think Ana de Armas said she even felt MM’s spirit just doing the role of her

  12. For those who don’t watch their show anymore..I like how April breaks things down in each episode. Just watch if you some down time or have nothing else to do

  13. Why do you think they wanted to edit all Pete content out? They’ve broken up with others before but kept the footage in

  14. Rumors were he was giving Kris/Kim hard time because he was not being paid. His management were demanding they don’t use Pete for their show and if they do..they will have to pay for what the paps caught. Basically he played them. also think Lorne maybe had something to do with it but that’s just my assumption

  15. it was cute. Pete just seems so real and authentic in his movies..that it makes me wonder how he always laughed/broke character on SNL. Kaley needs to host SNL!!

  16. the reason for the overexposure and mostly everyone is starting to stray away from liking her photos or just unfollowing her

  17. I miss 2020-2021 Pete before Kim. He honestly looked so healthy and fresh even when he put on a little weight during Covid

  18. Lawsuits after lawsuits been going on within the family ..wonder if this Lou taylor/Britney spears/missing 600 million will be their empire/money downfall if everything will be true

  19. Britney’s lawyer is gonna bring Lou Taylor down if he finds incriminating evidence. the fact that the Kardashians are still connected to her and haven’t fired her seems like they all got something to hide.

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