1. I had the same issue in the first year of my chemistry PhD program. It was a nice program with lots of great people and great funding, but I had spent four years getting my bachelor's and two more getting my master's degree, and all six of those years I was in research labs busting my butt. Quite frankly, I had sat through enough classes about chemistry in the preceeding 6 years that the ones that they were making me take for my PhD were incredibly boring to me.

  2. well the account was originally a mistake then I made it Trek

  3. Fair enough, haha. The original comment was meant to be playful, lol.

  4. Honestly, it's like 4chan was leaking into reddit this day.

  5. Hello all. I'm not a new gardener, but I have what feels like a noobie question. This year, we are planting our first garden in a while, and it will be in a new location compared to our old one. We'll be planting several staples but would like to try two varieties of some of them to see what grows best. These that we'll be planting multiple varieties of include corn, watermelon, and peppers. I know planting multiple pepper varieties in the same space should not be an issue, as they're self-pollinating.

  6. The watermelon can be carefully covered with reemay or netting to keep bees out, and you can hand pollinate to get genetically clean fruits. The corn is much more difficult. Your best bet is to choose corn that has very different maturity rates so they are not releasing pollen on the same weeks. Otherwise you need to choose one to grow per year. Also double check your neighbors for a couple miles upwind to see if they are growing corn. You may want to contact your County Agricultural Extension Office and ask for advice about the corn.

  7. Thanks for the advice! I can handle that with the watermelons. As for the corn, you make a good point. I'll give my county ag office a call sometime. It's very early in the season for me to be thinking about the watermelons and the corn, but I figured planning ahead was best.

  8. I'm here to second Ender's Game and Eragon, both great books.

  9. I'm a cleaner and THIS! I've literally had people say to me after I tell them; 'so you studying or what are you looking to do?' 'i'd never clean toilets' and the worst one was 'so, just haven't found your dream job yet?'

  10. I would 3D print a new connector for my Kenwood TH D-72 handheld radio's antenna mount! Love that little handheld radio and it cost like $250, sure sucks I can't use it properly because of one piece.

  11. From what I've read about the atmosphere at finals that year, Phantom certainly won over the crowd. If they hadn't won it on finals night, there darn well may have been a riot. (That's not to say Phantom didn't earn that first place spot. It was the ultimate GE show and the fact they won the crowd over so solidly speaks to that. And they otherwise executed the show very well.)

  12. If you were to put the entire lifespan of the universe, from the Big Bang to the final heat death, onto a twenty-four hour clock, at the universes current age (est. 13.8 billion years) we would not have reached the end of the first thirty seconds.

  13. Hexane is a decent option, but do be cautious with it. It is extremely flammable and you.must be careful not to inhale too much of the vapors. I would recommend staying away from hexane however, as it is known to cause neurotoxicity in the body. But if you got to use hexane, then be careful and limit your exposure as much as possible.

  14. Use lighter fluid. You can get it at the convenience store or the tobacco shop.

  15. If I recall correctly, lighter fluid is composed of essentially petroleum ether (aka petroleum spirit). That should be hydrocarbons boiling from 30°C to 60°C.

  16. Because the speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 meters per second. The meter had defined length before that, so rather than redefining the speed of light and the meter, it was decided to use the speed of light, a physical constant, to define the meter.

  17. this reminded me of how much I loved that book, so thanks so much for bringing back my childhood in one post

  18. I had a similar experience recently when I remembered reading it but couldn't remember the title, so I'm glad my poor memory helped someone else be nostalgic. :)

  19. It would be super interesting to test the pH of the mead, but not worth your time or money to buy pH test strips, lol.

  20. Blue color could be due to mixing carbon dioxide in when you pour it. (Carbon dioxide turns water acidic)

  21. Ah, Music City. One of my favorite places to drive through.

  22. In short, the spirit is willing, but the body is weak and squishy.

  23. > dives underwater till he is "0.5 seconds before death"

  24. I mean, their culture apparently lends itself to this. Maybe some of the wacky shit we see in anime is really inspired by these odd people. 🤔

  25. It's only a matter of time before someone does this with the PJ Masks... 🤔

  26. Same. You get used to the deer. Weirdest thing I ever saw in the road was this big black dog sniffin around in the middle of the road. I was on a straight patch of road surrounded by woods and the thing was a ways off, so I slowed down ahead of time and just kinda crept up on it while waiting for it to get out of the way. The closer I get, the bigger it's getting. Like, too big for a dog. And chubby. Suddenly it stands up on it's hind legs and I almost freak out until I realize it's a damn bear. Luckily it was the middle of the day otherwise I'd have lost it watching it stand.

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